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Meighan Wetland in Iran

Meighan Wetland

Introuction One of the most beautiful wetlands you can see is Meighan Wetland near Arak city in Markazi province. The reason why such a name has been given to this…

Chal Nakhjir cave in Iran

Chal Nakhjir cave

Introduction Chal Nakhjir cave has existed in Markazi province for a long time, but it has taken a long time to become a tourist place. Geologically, its formation dates back…

Hazaveh village

Hazaveh village

Introduction Hazaveh village is a beautiful and historical village near Arak. The distance from this village to Arak is about 25 km. Hazaveh village is a hill village and the…

Mahalat city in Markazi province

Mahalat city in Markazi province

Introduction Mahalat city in Markazi province is a city that is mostly famous for growing flowers and plants, but after traveling to this city, you will see other beauties. There…

Saveh city

Excursion in Saveh city

Introduction Saveh city in Markazi province, a city with a dry climate and dating back 1000 years, has long been known as the city of large and sweet pomegranates in…