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Chal Nakhjir cave

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Chal Nakhjir cave has existed in Markazi province for a long time, but it has taken a long time to become a tourist place.

Geologically, its formation dates back to years ago, when the initial estimate was about seventy million years.

Entrance Of Chal Nakhjir Cave
Entrance of Chal Nakhjir cave

This cave was created due to its presence near one of the volcanic craters.

This cave did not exist in the past and only because of a movement that occurred due to a fault has caused such a beauty to be formed.

This cave is classified as a living cave in the world and is known as a heritage. The reason why Chal Nakhjir cave has been attributed to a living cave is in fact the presence of important elements in this cave that if a part of this salt cave is damaged for any reason, it can return to its natural state without human intervention.

At first, you may encounter a cave, but when you get to it, you will notice that it has about three floors, each of which has its own beauty.

The height of this cave is about forty meters.

Chal Nakhjir Cave In Iran
Chal Nakhjir cave in Iran

You see shapes in the cave that exist due to a change in natural state, which is sedimentation. One of the most extraordinary times is when the light shines prismally into the cave, which you can see reflected.

If you look inside this cave from the outside, you will notice that there are various shapes on top of this cave, and a hall called Chehel Seton (Forty Columns) will be one of the most beautiful halls in this place, which is completely natural.

Chal Nakhjir Cave
Chal Nakhjir cave

The chandeliers hanging in the form of crystals from above add to the inner beauty of Chal Nakhjir Cave.


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