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Supporting the Minab Leopard

Tour In Persia has supported “supporting the Minab Leopard” project by Nature’s Vow Association in line with its social responsibilities.

Supporting The Minab Leopard
Supporting the Minab Leopard

Every day there are many reports of conflict between leopards and herders in the east of Hormozgan Province.

The natural prey of leopards in these areas has decreased a lot due to various reasons such as disease and over hunting. In the last years, works have been done to reduce the leopard conflict, such as last year, when about 1200 animals were vaccinated with the cooperation of Nature’s Vow Association.

Details of the plan

Most of the herders who have severe conflicts with leopards live in mountainous areas far from the village and do not have access to electricity and one of the times when this conflict occurs a lot is at night and in the dark when a leopard or another carnivorous species attacks the cattle pen.

Two years ago, a solar wall lamp was purchased for one of the herders and installed on the cattle pen and it had a very positive effect.

Solar Light
Solar light

Nature’s Vow plans to donate solar lights to install them in their pens in 20 villages in eastern Hormozgan that have been surveyed.

Project objectives and expected results

One of the main goals of implementing of this project is to reduce the conflict between herders and leopards and the other carnivores. In the past we have cooperated with herders only in some areas, it has had a very positive effect and this time we plan to cooperate more. When we can help the affected ranchers with such a method, it will definitely have a great impact on the relationship between the people of the region and the wildlife.

In the past years, there have been positive results in the villages to which we have provided compensation for leopard injuries for example no leopard was killed in these areas.  We hope to be able to provide more assistance to other regions by implementing this plan and other plans aimed at reducing conflict in order to see better effects.

Description of the current situation of the proposed area

The target area in the east of Hormozgan is one of the most deprived areas in the country where part of the people still lives in desert house (made with palm leaves) and due to being outlier, they are deprived of many services that they are entitled to, and due to the non-payment of compensation for the leopard we witnessed the death of a leopard.

Minab Leopard
Minab Leopard

In the past few months, several Minab Leopards were killed in the east of Hormozgan due to severe conflict and unfortunately all of them were killed by poisoning the carcasses. Certainly, the other carnivores have also fed on these carcasses.

These areas are one of the best habitats of the Asian black bear and most of the pictures published in the last three years of the black bear in Hormozgan were taken in these areas. The highest population of king foxes has also been recorded in these areas.

If this situation continues, all carnivores in the region will be destroyed.

Analysis of those who are involved

 It does not require a lot of effort to implement this project. It is enough to rent a car and a few local guides with donkeys.

Local Guide
Local guide

Most of these herders live in mountainous areas where it is not possible to go to the herder’s place by car, you have to travel there with a guide and a donkey.

Description of project activities and their schedule

By implementing the project, we travel to these areas and provide them with these solar lights. The most time when herders need these lights, is in this season (summer) because their animals are in delivery time. The target areas are scattered and difficult to access and the implementation of this project will take about one month to 45 days.

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