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Niloofar Sarab Lake

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Niloofar Sarab (or Niloofar Mirage) is the name of a lake in Kermanshah province, which is called this name because it is full of water lilies.

At certain times of the year, these lilies grow so large that you can no longer see the water. If you like to see these flowers in the water, it is better to travel there when the weather is hot.

Niloofar Sarab Lake In Kermanshah Province
Niloofar Sarab Lake in Kermanshah Province

You can have other entertainments in Niloofar Sarab Lake. For example, sitting on a boat and surfing among water lilies.

If you plan to spend the night in this place, there is a possibility of recreation and good accommodation.

It is better to visit this lake when it has rained in the previous seasons.

In addition to Kermanshah, there is also Water Lilies in other provinces, such as Anzali Wetland in Gilan Province.


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