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Ghaliye garlic stew

Ghaliye garlic stew is one of the famous stews in Gilan province, which is usually cooked in the beginning of the fresh garlic-growing season.

Ghaliye Garlic Stew
Ghaliye garlic stew


One whole number of duck or chicken

Fresh garlic leaves about 800 grams

Three eggs

Salt, pepper, turmeric and oil as needed


Gilani Ghaliye garlic stew is usually prepared with poultry such as duck. If you do not like the taste of duck meat, you can use chicken.

Cooking meat

To cook this stew, you need to prepare a whole duck or chicken and let it cook well. Duck meat is usually cooked a little differently than chicken.

Add cotyledons

Then pour a cup of cotyledons into the water and duck to cook the cotyledons at the same time.

Cook garlic

Buy fresh garlic leaves. Garlic leaves are usually sold in bunches in the northern fruit and vegetable markets. For a four-person stew, three bunches of garlic are enough. Separate the garlic leaves and wash it well. Then cut into equal sizes about half a centimeter.

After that, the garlic leaves need to be fried in oil. Remember to prevent them from burning and blackening. You can use a little turmeric in garlic to improve its smell and taste.

Add garlic

Look at ducks and cotyledons. When the duck or chicken meat is cooked, you can add the fried garlic, spices and salt to the water. Let these ingredients mix.

Add the eggs

When the duck water is low, it is time to add the eggs to the Ghaliye garlic stew. Mix the eggs together beforehand and then add to the water.

This stew is usually served with a little water, so let it cook over a low flame and thicken.

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