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Boorek is a food similar to a dumpling

When you travel to Golestan province to taste local food, you may see one of the most diverse famous foods in Bandar-e Torkman, one of which is Boorek.

Turkman Boorek is one of the old dishes that looks similar to modern dishes such as dumplings, but has a different taste that suits the taste and desire of children and adults.

Turkman Boorek
Turkman Boorek

The ingredients used in it is very nutritious and for this reason, it is still one of the main dishes on the table of the Turkman people.

The method of preparing this dish is very easy and you can prepare Turkman Boorek at your home.

Ingredients for Boorek

To cook this Iranian dish, you need the following ingredients. You can increase or decrease these ingredients based on the number of people you have.

To prepare the ingredients, you need to take about two or three potatoes along with a relatively large onion. It is better to grate the onion.

Then you need to make a dough for the bread around the food, so get some flour. You can also use ready-made pastes.

Prepare between half a kilogram and a kilogram of meat. This amount of meat depends on how many people you want to prepare the food for.


The recipe for cooking Boorek is as follows:

Making dough

First you need to knead the dough. The steps to make this dough are similar to other doughs such as dumpling dough. If you can’t prepare this dough, it’s better to use ready-made dumpling dough.

Prepare potatoes and meat

Put two or three potatoes with the meat in the pot and let it cook on a medium flame. When potatoes are cooked with skin and meat, in addition to changing color, you can test the degree of firmness or softness by using a fork. When the meat and potatoes are well tender, it will be time to turn off the flame.

After that, take out the potato that is cooked earlier and peel it. You have to grate the potatoes. In addition, you should add the cooked meat to this potato along with the spices, i.e. salt and pepper. In addition, add the grated onions.

Try to mix these ingredients well. Being mixed at the time of serving can create a better taste. Some people like to use spices like cinnamon in their food, which of course has nothing wrong with it, but there is no place for other spices except salt and pepper in the main ingredients of this dish.

Pouring ingredients into the dough

Now you need to prepare the dough. The dough should be divided into equal sized circles. Flatten these sizes with a rolling pin. It is better to make it less thick so that it can be cooked well with heat. The thicker the dough, it will end up with a raw taste, which can be considered a kind of weakness of your food.

Pouring Ingredients Into The Dough
Pouring ingredients into the dough

Divide the circular dough in half. Half of it is empty and pour ingredients in the other half. The empty half is placed on the full half and its two sides are closed. Try to put a cloth on them immediately after preparing the doughs so that the surrounding air does not dry them.

Cooking Boorek

Finally, you should pour some oil in the pan, heat the pan well with a low flame, and put these pastes inside it.
Be careful not to fry the dough too much so that it becomes dry. After a little heat, it is cooked and you have to put the other side on the flame.

To remove the excess oil from the Booreks, you can place them on a cloth or paper towel.

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