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Bastermeh Polo

Bastermeh Polo is one of the famous dishes in the green city of Gorgan in Golestan province, which always attracts many people to taste the food with a beautiful appearance.

Bastermeh Polo Is One The Iranian Food
Bastermeh Polo is one the Iranian food

This dish is more common among the Turkman tribes in Golestan province, and they usually cook it with a special fish called Starry Sturgeon.


These ingredients are suitable for four people.

The rice you should use for this dish should be local and pour one cup per person.

As it was said, you should use Starry Sturgeon next to Bastermeh Polo, which will be enough for half a kilogram. Of course, based on how much of this fish each member of your family eats, this amount of fish can be different.

In the next step, you need to prepare three medium-sized potatoes, 3 medium-sized onions, and one cup of sour pomegranate seeds.

You can also use salt and pepper to flavor your food.


Use the following recipe to make this dish:

Cooking rice

To prepare this dish, you need to soak the rice in advance. If you are not in a hurry, it is better to do this the night before, but if you are in a hurry, soaking for an hour will be enough to cook it better. Now put the rice on the gas flame with warm water and a little salt until the rice reaches the draining stage. This time will be about ten minutes.

Put the potatoes in the pot

Peel three medium to large potatoes, preferably of the same size. After that, you can make these potatoes into a circular shape and put them inside the pot by pouring a little oil in the pot so that the potatoes cover the bottom of the pot.

Now, cut three medium to large onions into rings and arrange them on the potatoes arranged at the bottom of the pot.

Prepare the fish

Now place the Starry Sturgeon fish on the onion rings in the form of fillets. If you can’t find Starry Sturgeon fish where you live, there’s nothing wrong with using other types of fish, as long as the fish you use is boneless.

Starry Sturgeon Fish
Starry Sturgeon fish

Pouring pomegranate on food

In the next step, It’s time for pomegranate seeds. These pomegranate seeds have a sour taste and you can pour them on the fish and finally pour your rice on this fish. Pour some water on this mixture. Of course, this amount of water will be enough for spoons.

Cooking Bastermeh Polo

Then you can use salt and pepper to flavor the main dish.

Finally, we have to pour the drained rice on it and add a little oil to make it fatter. Now put the lid on and set the gas heat to low, so that after about an hour, the Bastermeh Polo will be cooked and retain its original taste.

Pay attention to the fact that the basic composition of Bastermeh Polo should not be very sour. Therefore, if pomegranate seeds are very sour and you have added these seeds to your food, one of the best solutions is to use a few spoons of sugar to give a mild taste to the food.

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