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Elizeh Hotel in Shiraz

Elizeh Hotel in Shiraz is a 4-star hotel. Due to its special architecture, this hotel is also known as Elizeh Boutique Hotel.

Elizeh Hotel In Shiraz
Elizeh Hotel in Shiraz

Elizeh Hotel is available to tourists with 68 rooms and modern decoration.


Single bedroom

Single rooms which can be reserved seasonally during off-peak times are usually based on the availability of one of double or twin rooms which are determined at the time of check-in.

Twin bedroom for two people

These rooms are suitable for two people with standard facilities and equipment and two separate beds.

Double bedroom for two people

The double rooms in Elizeh are equipped by German Bern Mattresses, designed for a dream stay for couples to create a good memory. All the personal needs of men and women during their stay will be met according to the latest accommodation standards of the world.

Suite room

Suites are designed for the accommodation of important people or families with a child with more luxurious facilities. Faster internet, free tea and coffee service, separate living room and bedroom, two bathrooms with more equipment, large side bed, interactive TV are among the facilities of this room which make you a luxurious stay and a unique experience.


Sports complex and massage services

Sports complex of Elizeh Hotel with a relaxing atmosphere, including an indoor sauna (steam) pool, Jacuzzi and massage room is a perfect place to gain unique energy and relaxation.

The massage room of this complex is ready to relieve fatigue and stress caused by travel for guests.

Vitamin bar offers fresh seasonal juices, hot and cold snacks and complements the experience of a unique relaxation in Elizeh Sports Complex.

The use of swimming pool services for hotel guests is subject to a fee with a special discount.

The time to use the pool is three hours per use, including the use of the pool, sauna and Jacuzzi.

Massage services are only possible by prior reservation.

It is not possible to accept people with skin diseases, wounds (open, sutured and closed), cardiovascular problems, respiratory and muscular problems.

It is not possible to freely admit guests under the age of 7 and due to safety standards; the presence of children under the age of 7 is prohibited in the complex.

Swimming pool of Elizeh Hotel is managed under ISPSC international standards and the obligation to comply with the rules is considered vital for visitors to maintain quality and health.

Multipurpose halls and conference center

Two halls named Brilliant and emerald with all the necessary equipment and facilities are suitable for holding business meetings, conferences, seminars and conferences of reputable companies and brands, as well as a great place for private banquets.

Brilliant hall

It is a very suitable place for holding meetings with a limited number or a maximum number of 140 people.

The presence of two video projectors on both sides of the hall, the possibility of using several wireless and collar microphone and the proximity to the Emerald Hall to receive the facilities and advantages of the Brilliant Hall for holding business meetings.

Emerald hall

Emerald Hall has been designed and implemented for holding banquets, snack receptions, lunches or dinners. In such a way that a seminar or training class is held in the Brilliant Hall and the Emerald Hall can be used for serving snacks, lunch or dinner. In layout G, reception will be in buffet style and in layout H; reception will be done as a single press and by the guests.

Arrangement of the ceremony along with the suitable space for the performance of the wedding table for the engagement or wedding ceremony is one of the other features of the Emerald Hall. In this arrangement, a part of the hall will be dedicated to the wedding table or the place of the bride and groom, and the other part will be dedicated to the banquet tables of the guests for reception. The other features of the Emerald Hall are the presence of a dressing room, a baby room, a dressing table at the entrance, and access to the bathroom from the inside without leaving the Salon. This Hall has a smart sound and lighting system.

Marlin restaurant

Marlin Bistro has a warm and intimate atmosphere, the same atmosphere that reminds you of European bistro restaurants with homemade food. In terms of style and decor, this restaurant is designed and implemented with the idea of creating a bistro with the aim of cooking and serving healthy and homemade food with fresh hot bread, a buffet of the freshest vegetables and desserts and with professional service.

The special menu for vegetarians, seafood, all kinds of kebabs with rice, and Iranian dishes, foreign dishes and delicious pizzas, are cooked and served with great care for all people with different tastes and preferences.

The establishment of the HACCP system in the Elizeh Hotel ensures that food production in a completely hygienic environment and quality is always the same as a mechanized factory.

The breakfast time is from 7:00 to 10:00 in the form of a buffet in the Marlin Restaurant and serving it in the room is subject to a fee before and after the mentioned time.

Lounge lobby

Lounge Lobby which is located in the center of the lobby, serves all kinds of fresh seasonal juices, desserts that are prepared daily and coffee are traditionally chopped in your presence at all hours of the day in a luxurious but casual environment with a classic contemporary style decoration.

The combination of the pleasant smell of coffee, the pleasant sound of the piano and the adjusted light of the lounge lobby environment has made it a very suitable place for holding business and family meetings of very important people in the society.

Rules and regulations

Guests leaving after the mentioned time until 18:00 will be charged half price and after that the price of a full night will be charged to their account.

The cost of accommodation for minors up to 3 years old is free and for children up to 8 years old, half price will calculated if no extra bed is used and if an extra bed is required, its cost will be calculated in full.

Passengers may cancel their trip for any reason. The amount of damage is deducted from the prepayment and is applied according to the following rules, except for the months listed in article 6, clause A:

  • Cancelling the reservation is possible up to 48 hours in advance and after that the cost of one night will be deducted and the rest of the money will be returned according to the third article of Paragraph B.
  • If the reservation is not accepted after the arrival date, the total cost of the accommodation will be charged to the guest’s account.
  • Returning the guest or customer’s credit funds for the remaining reservation or other unrealized expenses is possible after going through the financial procedures within one working week and will be deposited into the payer’s account.
  • Changing the date and reducing the length of stay from 48 hours before arrival, if possible, will be free of charge. Otherwise, the reservation will be considered to be cancelled and will be done according to the above rules.
  • In Charter reservation, no fees will be refunded if the date is changed or the length of stay is reduced.

The bookings for April, May, October and November are fully chartered and cannot be canceled or changed. In case of cancellation there will be no refund.

Additional service is in the form of a portable folding bed or in the suite rooms as a sofa bed.

Pet are not allowed.

This residence has other rules and its rules may have changed. For this reason, read the rules carefully before booking.

Approximate distance to some places in Shiraz

Distance to the Tomb of Cyrus (Pasargad) 1 Hour and 30 minutes by car.

Distance to Persepolis 1 hour by car.

Distance to Naqsh-e Rostam 53 minutes by car.

Distance to Nasir al-Mulk Mosque 30 minutes by car.

Distance to Karim Khan Citadel 26 minutes by car.

Distance to Vakil Bazaar 21 minutes by car.

Distance to Vakil Mosque is 22 minutes by car.

Distance to the Vakil Historical Bath is 21 minutes by car.

Distance to Saraye Moshir 23 minutes by car.

Distance to Pars Museum 21 minutes by car.

Distance to Narenjestan Ghavam Garden or Qavam House 25 minutes by car.

Distance to Jahan Nama Garden 21 minutes by car.

Distance to Delgosha Garden 23 minutes by car.

Distance to Afif Abad garden 15 minutes by car.

Distance to Shapouri House 22 minutes by car.

Distance to Eram Garden 16 minutes by car.

Distance to Haft Khan Restaurant 20 minute by car.

Distance to Shahcheragh Holy Shrine 25 minutes by car.

Distance to Khan School 26 minutes by car.

Distance to Zinat Al-Molk Historical House 25 minutes by car.

Distance to Jameh Atigh Mosque 26 minutes by car.

Distance to Quran Gate 19 minutes by car.

Distance to Khwaju Kermani Tomb 19 minutes by car.

Distance to Tomb of Hafez is 22 minutes by car.

Distance to Tomb of Saadi 25 minutes by car.

Distance to Setareh Fars Shopping Center Shiraz 16 minutes by car.

Distance to Aftab Fars Shopping Mall 20 minutes on foot.

Distance to the Persian Gulf Shopping Center 16 minutes by car.

Distance to Shater Abbas restaurant 18 minutes on foot.

Distance to Shiraz International Exhibitions 32 minutes by car.

Distance to Shiraz airport 32 minutes by car.

Distance to Shiraz railway station 16 minutes by car.

Distance to Karandish Bus Terminal 23 minutes by car.

Where is the address of Elizeh Hotel?

No. 20, Pezashkan St., Maali Abad Ave, Shiraz city.

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