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Poursina Hospital in Rasht


Poursina Hospital in Rasht is a public hospital. The main activity of this hospital is in the field of treatment of accident patients.

This hospital is one of the governmental and educational hospitals with advanced equipment in the field of neurology and orthopedics.

Poursina Hospital Room In Rasht
Poursina Hospital Room in Rasht

The scope of activities of this hospital is wide, but to get more familiar with it, we will mention some cases.

Poursina Hospital Services

This hospital is one of the best equipped hospitals in Gilan because several different works are being done in a limited space.

Poursina Hospital
Poursina hospital

The hospital is equipped with an outpatient surgery room, a doctor’s room, an ECG room and a plastering room.

Sections of Poursina Hospital

Orthopedics, General Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, Neurosurgery, Internal, Internal Neurology, Emergency 1 and 2, General ICU, Neurological ICU, Counseling.

Paraclinical units

Physiotherapy, EMG, EEG, ECG, laboratory, radiology, CT scan, mammography, sonography, MRI and TCD, pathology.

Surgery room

The general surgery room consists of 7 active surgery rooms, a casting room, a recovery room, two sterile rooms for surgery and orthopedics.

Surgery Room In This Hospital
Surgery room in this hospital

Another operating room is related to advanced neurosurgery, specialized operations such as brain tumors, aneurysms, spinal tumors, lumbar and neck discs.

Imam Reza specialized and sub-specialized clinic

This clinic with the presence of more than 50 specialists and subspecialists (orthopedics, neurosurgery, gastroenterology, reconstructive, endocrinology, general surgery, thoracic surgery, anesthesia, internal medicine, neurology, preventive medicine and kidney and urinary tract) is located in province of Poursina Hospital.

This clinic is ready to serve every day from 8 am to 8 pm, except holidays and Thursday evenings.

Performing stitches, plastering, ECG and muscles are from other tasks of this clinic.

What days is this hospital open?

It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the phone number of Poursina Hospital?

The contact numbers of this hospital are 013-3339842, 013-33322444 and 013-33344196. The operator may not be able to speak English well.

Where is the address of Poursina Training Center?

Parstar Street, Poursina intersection, Rasht.

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