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Supporting the Mahak benchmark charity

Tour In Persia has supported the Mahak benchmark charity in line with its social responsibilities.

Supporting The Mahak Benchmark Charity
Supporting the Mahak benchmark charity

The charity organization for supporting children with cancer with the abbreviation “Mahak” since 1991 and with the registration number 6567 in the form of a non-profit non-governmental organization with a high motivation to help its fellow human beings in Tehran, it has started its all-round activity to support children with cancer below 16 years old and their families.

Mahak by benefiting from the humanitarian aid of benevolent people and the company of well- meaning managers and the continuous efforts of its volunteers and employees, Mahak has achieved significant success in the fields of charity, treatment and research and has become one of the centers of treatment in the Middle East.

By the end of 2018, Mahak has provided comprehensive support to more than 32000 children with cancer.

Obtaining a consultative status from the economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), membership in international organizations related to children’s cancer, constructing of the only pediatric cancer hospital in the Middle East with an infrastructure of 18000 square meters and Complete clinical and paraclinical facilities in 2007, receiving the silver statue of quality (GIC) from the international standard institute “GIC”, obtaining the NGO benchmarking standard from SGS as the first non-governmental organization in the Middle East region, receiving the gold medal of the international (IPMA), conducting research-applied projects in cooperation with the most prestigious domestic and foreign research institutions shows the effective activity of this charity at advanced national and international levels.

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