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Iran visa

If you need Iran Visa, you can contact us here, or call to 0098-917-2054121 or message and call in Whatsapp.

Before traveling anywhere, one of the main things that triggers our minds are about visas and how we can get them quickly. Visas play a very crucial role in traveling.

Tourists have asked many questions regarding the Iran visa procedures and how they can get an Iranian visa to travel. Let us see the details of how you can get an Iran visa easier without having to go under a lot of unwanted headaches.

Pre-Approval Stage

You need a pre-approval directly from the foreign ministry of Tehran, the capital of Iran. From the our agency, we should request a visa at first from the Foreign Ministry of Tehran on behalf of you as a traveler.

As soon as the request is approved, we will hand over a visa authorization number either to you. You can easily apply for a tourist visa as soon as you have this number in your hand.


Getting to your passport. The travelers should hand over their passport with their address written in it. You may be asked to provide a copy of your details as well. In your passport, certain things should be present such as;

  • The passport should be valid at least for the next six months.
  • There should be at least a single blank page for a visa in your passport.
  • Your passport should not be torn, frayed, or even altered.
  • Last but not least, if all these points mentioned above are missing from your passport, then the chances of getting a visa is significantly less or even null.


After the passport comes to the questions regarding the photographs for the Iranian visa. A single color passport-type photograph is required that will meet the following requirements such as:

  • It should be your latest photo taken about three months ago.
  • The photograph should have a white background.
  • Face centered and a clear image from your face that displays a neutral expression.
  • There should be no eyeglasses on.

The Iranian visa application

The Iranian consulate has prepared a web-based visa application form for those who desire to apply for an Iranian visa.

You can even log into the website and download the form present there. When you fill the visa form, all the requirements should be filled and printed. Submit the form along with your other documents.

It should be mentioned that the visa application fee should be paid to our travel agency so that we can be able to receive your visa code, and these fees are not refundable.

There is another concern regarding the period that it takes for the Iran visa to be ready. The good news is that it takes about 5-7 working days for the agency to receive your visa code or number.

If you are applying from countries such as Canada, the UK, and even the USA, this process will take around a month. Please do not lose hope. It will come for sure.

Once this stage is over, you can easily apply and get your visa at the embassy. Iranian visa for tourists has a validity of about 30 days.

If you desire to stay longer, you can extend your visa by visiting the Police Department of the Aliens Affairs. The process will take only a single working day for you. Additional 30 days would be added to your original stay permit if it was 30 days.

Plan your net trip to Iran now and apply for Iranian visa easier.

An easy way to get an Iranian visa

We will do everything to get your visa for Iran.

To get an Iran visa, please fill out the form below or call to 0098-917-2054121 or message and call in Whatsapp.

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