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Clothing Size In Iran

Clothing size in Iran

Many tourists decide to buy clothes when traveling to Iran. The thing about buying clothes is that usually the size of the clothes is different in different countries, and foreign…

Solo Female Travel In Iran

Solo female travel in Iran

Introduction All over the world, it is quite natural for women to start their journey alone, but unfortunately, many tourists think that traveling to some countries, such as Iran, is…

How To Use Iranian Toilet Or Squat Toilet

How to use Iranian toilet or Squat toilet?

In this video, we explained how to use the Iranian toilet or Squat toilet. Ladies and gentlemen can use the Iranian toilet. It is useful for traveling to Iran. There…

Weather And Climate In Iran And Weather In Iran'S Provinces

Weather and climate in Iran

Introduction Iran is one of the countries that has a high diversity of climate and has all kinds of climates at any time of the year, which is why every…

Electricity In Iran And About Electricity In Iran For Tourists

Electricity in Iran

One of the things that tourists should pay attention to when traveling to Iran is the electricity system. Power voltage In the past, the voltage in Iran was only 220,…

Iran Currency And Currency In Iran And Iranian Money And Money In Iran

Iran currency

An introduction to Iran currency Rial (IRR) is the official currency in Iran, however locals always talk about Toman for daily life. By deleting one zero from Rial, you will…

About Iran And Travel To Iran And What You Need Before Traveling To Iran

About Iran

History of Iran Iran is one of the vast countries with a very complex history. According to historical scholars, Iran has a special attraction due to its greatness and glory…

Iran Visa And Tourism Visa For Iran

Iran visa

Before traveling anywhere, one of the main things that triggers our minds are about visas and how we can get them quickly. Visas play a very crucial role in traveling….