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Nomad tour in Iran

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Nomadic tourism can be introduced as one of the most attractive sub-sectors of tourism, which has attracted many fans these days. In nomadic tourism, it has been tried so that tourists can be with the nomads and become acquainted with their lifestyle.

In nomad tourism, it is possible for Iranian and foreign tourists to become acquainted with a variety of local food, music, traditional ceremonies and how nomads migrate. In addition, the experience of living in nature can be one of the most attractive parts of nomadic tourism.

Nomads Of Iran
Nomads of Iran

When the nomads start their migration, they pass through beautiful natural places on their way, which accompany the nomads can be an interesting experience for tourists.

Changing the lifestyle of nomads in Iran

Given that our lifestyles have changed a lot, nomadic lifestyles have also changed. In fact, it can be said that the existence of technology and its effects on our lives have also affected nomadic life, and perhaps nomadic life is no longer as difficult as it used to be.

Nomad lifestyle change is another attraction related to nomadic tourism, which may be interesting for tourists, both Iranian and foreign, to hear and see the developments of nomadic life up close.

Iran is a country with a high dispersion of nomads

Iran is one of the countries that has a high dispersion of nomads due to its diverse climate. Iranian nomads are often divided into plains and mountains, each with its own culture and tradition.

Nomadic Wedding
Nomadic wedding

It can be said that the dialect of the nomads in Iran is different from each other, and all because they live in nature and are constantly migrating, they are all called nomads.

Some regions of Iran are more prosperous in nomadic life, for example, the provinces of Fars, Bushehr, Khuzestan and Azerbaijan are part of Iran, where nomadic tourism has also been launched.

Is life in nature difficult in a nomadic way?

Life in nature is constantly associated with many problems and dangers. For example, in some seasons of the year, nomads may face natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes. Staying in some areas may also put nomads and tourists at risk of being attacked by wild animals.

Despite all the problems and dangers, nomadic life is still recognized as a way of life in Iran and many nomads are not willing to leave nomadic life.

The presence of women in nomadic life

In nomadic tourism, you can fully feel the effective presence of women. In fact, in nomadic life, many daily activities are the responsibility of women, such as milking, dairy production, baking, and handicrafts.

When tourists are with nomads, in addition to the fact, that women’s activities can be very interesting to them, the type of clothing they wear can also be part of the attractiveness of nomadic tourism.

Most women in nomadic lifestyles age quickly and wear out because they age prematurely due to too much activity in the sun.

Production of handicrafts by nomads

Nomads earn money in different ways. For example, the production of dairy products such as yogurt, dough, butter and so on.

Nomadic Handicrafts
Nomadic handicrafts

Nomads have a very positive impact on Iran’s handicraft industry. Many nomadic women, in addition to their daily activities, produce some handicrafts such as carpet weaving, rugs, and so on. Most of the handicrafts produced by the nomads are of great value. In addition, foreign tourists sometimes pay a lot of money to buy handicrafts produced by nomadic women, which can be very valuable to them.

Visiting the way handicrafts are produced by nomadic women can be another attraction related to nomadic tourism. In fact, many tourists tend to experience living with them for a few days just for the sake of visiting the handicrafts produced by the nomads.

Live and visit nomadic tents

Most tourists stay in their traditional tents when they decide to experience life with the nomads. These tents are made in a way that is resistant to cold, heat, wind and rain.

Black Nomadic Tent
Black nomadic tent

Nomadic Accent and dialect

Accent and dialect are different among Iranian nomads. Sometimes a tour guide may even be needed for tourists to talk to the nomads. However, in some parts of Iran where nomadic tourism is an active profession, nomads can fully communicate with visitors and tourists.

Need Nomad tour?

If you need a Nomad tour in Iran, you can contact us here, or call to 0098-917-2054121 or message and call in Whatsapp.

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