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Clothing size in Iran

Many tourists decide to buy clothes when traveling to Iran. The thing about buying clothes is that usually the size of the clothes is different in different countries, and foreign tourists cannot buy clothes in other countries according to the size and dress code in their own country.

Since it is not possible for tourists to return to the store to change clothes, it is better to do your shopping more carefully.

The best way to buy clothes in Iran, whether for yourself or for friends or relatives, is to know the size of your clothes in centimeters.

When you want to buy the clothes you want, it is better to know the exact waist size, hip circumference, chest circumference, pants height and arm circumference so that the seller can provide you with the right clothes based on centimeters.

Of course, you can use the sizing table to find the dress code you want, in which the dress code and size in your country has changed to the dress code and size in Iran.

Note that according to Iranian culture, clothes are produced slightly larger than the clothes of other countries, so it is better to make your purchase based on centimeters.

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