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Ash-e doogh

Ash-e doogh or Ash Dough is one of the most delicious Iranian dishes or appetizers.

This dish is very famous among local dishes. It can be said that Ash-e doogh is one of the best and the healthiest dishes that requires high precision in cooking and condensation, otherwise it can quickly take on a watery taste.

Ash-E Doogh Or Ash Dough
Ash-e doogh or Ash Dough

In some regions of Iran, this dish is cooked in a thin and very watery form but in some other regions, this dish is cooked in a thicker and stronger form.

If you are going to drive or work that requires a lot of concentration, it is better not to eat this Ash because it causes drowsiness due to the use of garlic and doogh.

Raw material

First of all, you should take the broth-type peas which should be about 250 grams. In order to be able to catch the swelling of peas, it is necessary that these peas have been placed in water from the night before. It is better to change the water several times otherwise it will be very bloated.

Cress, dill and fresh parsley should be about 500 to 700 grams.

We need one cup of rice. It is better to soak the rice from the night before and add a little salt to it. 

The doogh which is used for this dish should be sour. We need about two liters of sour doogh.

A little salt and pepper are needed.

How to prepare Ash e doogh

Use the following recipe to cook this Ash:

Cooking peas

Put the peas with a liter of water on a low flame to cook. Touch the peas, if they are still firm, they need to be cooked a little longer.

Add rice

When you notice that the peas are cooked, you should add the rice. Rice should be cooked and should not be raw. The more rice, the less diluted the Ash.

Pour half of the pot with water so that you can add doogh to it. If there is more water, it can change the taste of the Ash.

Add vegetables

In the next step of cooking this Ash, it is time to add chopped vegetables. These vegetables should be cooked a little and keep their green state.

Add doogh

In the last 15 minutes, you can add doogh to the Ash. When doogh added, if you close the lid of the pot, the appearance of the Ash will be changed, so the lid of the pot should be left a little open to allow the steam to escape.

Add other ingredients

Finally, you can add a little salt and pepper.

Some people use high-fat yoghurt and meat in this Ash.

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