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Ash Bahari with sour taste

One of the types of Ash (or Aush) that is cooked in spring in Hamedan province is Ash Bahari. This Ash is cooked especially in this season because there are ingredients for cooking this Ash in the spring.

Ash Bahari
Ash Bahari

If you plan to cook this Ash in May and June, you can use fresh green tomatoes, but remember that in other seasons, you can use frozen or packaged green tomatoes.


You need fresh mint for half a kilogram.

Take two medium onions and chop them finely.

You need two liters of water and 100 grams of rice.

You should use salt, pepper and turmeric to flavor this food. You can also use about half a kilo of fresh or frozen green tomatoes.

Then you have to cook 100 grams of cotyledon.

The vegetables that are added to this Ash are about half a kilogram of leeks, coriander, parsley and spinach.

To put meatballs in Sour Ash, you need to add 150 grams of round minced meat into the Ash. The meatballs also need a little grated onion to add to the ingredients, which is a medium onion. Then add salt and pepper to the meatballs.

You also need enough oil to fry these meatballs.


Use the following recipe to prepare this Ash:

Roasting onions

First, you have to put the onions in a pan with a little oil and put the flame on medium. Continue frying until the onions in the pan turn golden. You can add flavorings such as pepper and turmeric to the fried onion.

Cook rice and cotyledon

Then wash the rice and cotyledons. The cotyledons are best washed with water the day before and even change their water several times to remove excess bloating. After adding the rice, it is time for the cotyledons. Let these ingredients cook well over a gentle heat. Pay more attention to the cotyledons so that they are all cooked and not crushed. If the cotyledons are cooked too much, they will disappear and the Ash will become thick.

Add meatballs and green tomatoes

After that, you can add the meatballs you have prepared to the ingredients, but also add salt to the Ash at this stage. Now you can put the green tomatoes in it. Just separate the cores beforehand.

Cooking Ash

Then it is time for the vegetables. We usually add the vegetables in the last stages of cooking and put the flame on low so that it is well cooked and thickened with a gentle heat.

About 20 minutes is enough to cook Ash Bahari.

After the Ash is cooked and thickened, you can garnish. These decorations can be accompanied by mint. Peel a squash, grate it and let it dry for a while, then fry in oil and heat over low heat.

How to cook small meatballs

To prepare the meatballs, you can take the minced meat and add ingredients to it. This minced meat is better not to have fat because the extra fat can change the taste of the Ash. Add salt and pepper to the ingredients inside the meat. Now knead well by hand to have one-handed ingredients.

Meatballs made from these ingredients should be very small so as not to spoil the shape of the Ash.

It is better to cook the meatballs that you have prepared in boiling water for one to two minutes, but you can remove it from the flame while they are half-cooked. Then you can fry it with a little oil and pour it in Hamedani Bahari Ash.

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