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Motanjeneh Abgoosht

Abgoosht has been one of the main dishes on the table of every Iranian since long ago which before eating it, they put pieces of Sangak or Barbari bread in it. One of these Abgooshts is Motanjeneh Abgoosht of Kerman Province, which is mostly cooked in Rafsanjan city.

This Abgoosht is also cooked during the ceremonies of the Muharram and Safar months.


To prepare this dish, you need to soak about one and a half cups of chickpeas and one cup of pinto beans. This soak is very effective for getting rid of bloating.

The most important part of Kermani Motanjeneh Abgoosht is mutton, which requires about 900 grams of meat. It is better to have some meat with bones because the combination of meat and bones gives the food a good taste. In addition, you can use 100 grams of tail fat to increase the fat in the food.

To remove the smell of meat, you must use two finely chopped onions.

About 120 grams of chopped aromatic vegetables such as tarragon, fenugreek and parsley are needed.

Four medium potatoes are needed, which you can cut a little bigger than a gem. When these potatoes are added to the Abgoosht at the end of the cooking, they change the taste, glaze it, and increase the concentration.

100 grams of apricot leaves and 100 grams of chopped walnut kernels are needed.

To taste the taste of Motanjeneh Abgoosht, you should put a small dried lime (black lime or noomi basra or limoo amani) in it. Just pay attention to the fact that this dried lime juice must be pierced with a fork to add dried lime juice to the broth (Abgoosht).

Two spoons of tomato paste are needed.

Use spices such as salt, pepper and turmeric to flavor the broth.


Use the following recipe to make this dish:

Soaking ingredients

The first step is to soak cereals before preparing ingredients for cooking this dish. It tastes bad if the water isn’t emptied and refilled several times that could have a negative impact on the main taste of broth.

Put apricot leaves in some water for a few hours, to soften them.

Then you should pound the soaked peas and addition to it, you should also add chopped onions to it.

Adding ingredients to the meat

Now take a pot and fill it with water as much as half of it. Pour flavoring ingredients such as salt, pepper and turmeric inside of it. Now add meat and rump into the water, but pay attention that the meat should be finely chopped. When meat and the other ingredients inside of pot, will get a little warm, you can add apricot leaves to them. In the next step pour mentioned aromatic vegetables in this mixture to make the Motanjeneh broth tasty.

In the next step you can use half of peas which you have set aside and pour them with wax beans inside of the water. After that you can add one sour lemon into it. Then pour chopped walnuts and apricot leaves, which are crushed, inside of a pot. To have a good flavor by these combinations, you should put them on the oven with a soft flame at least for 90 minutes.

Baking potatoes

Then chop the potatoes finely or slightly larger and wash them and put them in a place to be dried. After that fry potatoes, sauce and vegetables in a pan separately. Then you must pour a little water into it to bake the fried potatoes. When you were sure that meat is baked, you can add these ingredients to it and put them on the oven for 10 minutes.

Motanjeneh Abgoosht Is Iranian Food
Motanjeneh Abgoosht is Iranian food

Another method for cooking

Some people change the method of cooking Motanjeneh broth of Kerman and they fry ingredients of this broth in a pan separately. These ingredients are as rump, meat, beans, vegetables, sauce, potatoes, apricot leaves … .Then after frying them; they pour them inside of boiling water especially to get rid of the unpleasant smell of mutton.

Cooking time

Generally, the cooking time of Motanjeneh broth depends on mean and beans. If your mutton is lamb, it will be cooked much earlier, in addition to it if cereals be fresh they will bake fast, but each of these items can cause this dish cook later. Therefore we can generally consider two hours for cooking it.

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