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One of the traditional foods that is popular in Khuzestan province is Nafeleh food. This food may not be to everyone’s taste.



These ingredients are for 4 people.

Low fat minced meat half a kilogram

Half a kilo of chickpea flour

Four large onions

Two cups of sugar

A cup of vinegar

Five cups of water

Salt, pepper and turmeric as needed

A little oil or butter

A little mint


Use the following recipe to prepare this food:

Making food

First you have to grate two onions. Then mix the grated onion with the minced meat and knead.

Then add chickpea flour with a little turmeric.

Now you need to add water. Add water to your mixture little by little as excess water can cause the liquid concentration to disappear.

Add salt and pepper to change the taste of the ingredients.

Then knead the ingredients again.

Circle the ingredients

Now circle the material into equal sizes. It is best to keep these circles small so that they are well cooked. To cook in the middle of them, you have to make a small hole so that the heat of the oil penetrates into it.

Prepare onions

The remaining two onions should be finely chopped because they should be fried in oil. Now mix a little salt with turmeric. At this stage you can also add water.

Use mint to make onions fragrant and delicious. In addition, you can add a little sugar and vinegar to the water. The mixture should be boiled over a low flame for 20 minutes. Then you have to use this liquid to cook Nafeleh.

Cooking Nafeleh

The Nafeleh were the same circular material that you made. These Nafeleh should be in the boiling fluid. Of course, in the previous stage, they do not need to be very fried. The main stage of cooking them will be now, which will take 30 minutes.

To garnish, you can sprinkle a little sesame on it.

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