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Haft Bijar pickle

One of the delicious pickles that you can use is Haft Bijar pickle. This pickle is related to Gilan province, but you may see this pickle in other cities as well.

Haft Bijar Pickle
Haft Bijar pickle

To make this pickle, it is enough to prepare good ingredients.


About 2 kg of cauliflower is needed, you have to chop the cauliflower and wash it.

You need to peel about 5 garlic cloves first and then chop them into small squares.

You need two quinces. Then chop the quinces into small squares with the skin.

250 grams of hot pepper is needed.

Eggplant, potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and green beans each need one kilogram. Then cut them into small square pieces.

Two teaspoons of dried vegetables including mint, parsley, coriander, savory and tarragon.

Black pepper, red pepper, fennel powder and nutmeg each need a teaspoon.

You need 10 tablespoons of angelica powder, five tablespoons of coriander seeds, one tablespoon of cinnamon and two teaspoons of cumin.

Salt and vinegar as needed.

How to prepare Haft Bijar pickle

Use the following command to make this pickle:


First you have to pour all the ingredients in one place and mix them well.

Then, in order for the excess water to evaporate and give a little heat to the material, it needs to be placed on a low flame for about two to three minutes.

Make pickles soft or firm

Some people like their pickles to be fully cooked, but some like to use them raw, and some like their intermediate state. If you like your pickles to be a little softer, you can cook the pickles in a little water for a while.

Spicy or ordinary pickles

Some people like Haft Bijar pickle spicy, for which you can use white vinegar. If you want your pickle to be eatable for everyone, you can use cold boiled water and white vinegar in combination.

Pour pickles into the dish

Finally, pour this material into the container. A container that is completely dry and place in a cool, completely dark place.

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