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Helping the flood victims of Sistan and Baluchestan

In line with its social responsibilities, Tour In Persia has supported the project “Helping the flood victims of Sistan and Baluchestan” in 2009 by the NazreTabiat Association.

Helping The Flood Victims Of Sistan And Baluchestan
Helping the flood victims of Sistan and Baluchestan

In coordination with the Chabahar Environment Department and accepting responsibility for the purchase and distribution of essential items by these loved ones, the donations collected by the members of NazreTabiat will be credited to their accounts and the work progress report will be posted on the NazreTabiat website as soon as it is received.

Required items will include blankets, warm clothing, mineral water, canned food, biscuits, milk powder, toiletries, shoes and heaters in order of priority, which are purchased from the same area and will be sent by environmentally assisted vehicles, preferably to impassable, remote and deprived villages.

In the first step, NazreTabit has allocated 20 million Tomans for this project, which is definitely needed as much as it needs help, and it will continue to help as long as it is needed in the region.

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