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Naran Waterfall

So far, you have traveled a lot in Tehran and traveled to many places of interest, but we recommend that you visit areas such as Naran Waterfall.

Not everyone goes to Naran waterfall because the distance is a bit long but it has a good and almost untouched nature. This waterfall is near Lavasan. To see it, you need to travel to the northern regions in a village called Kand Olya.

The route you take to reach Naran Waterfall will be a completely rural and mountainous route. Therefore, it is recommended to use cars that are designed for such roads so that you can continue your journey with ease.

Kand Olya village has a pleasant climate and the reason is that this village is located in a valley away from the pollution of Tehran. The distance between this area and Tehran is about 38 km, which is relatively close to other places.

After entering this area, you will encounter a waterfall about ten meters high, which due to geological phenomena and its antiquity, has caused the sinking of the rocks below. You can see this waterfall in spring, which has more water due to rain and snowmelt in the mountains.

Naran Waterfall Or Kaftarloo Waterfall In Tehran

In addition to Naran waterfall, you will see another waterfall called Kaftarloo. In fact, it can be said that tourists due to its proximity to Naran waterfall always visit this waterfall.

The vegetation that you see in the upper rural areas is extremely spectacular. Rural houses and cottages in this area add to its beauty and can be a place for tourists.

One of the attractions you will see in this village is a farm called Pawank. Everything you want from the suitable and growing vegetation in this area is in this farm, some people travel to the mentioned village just to see this view.

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