Eram Garden in Shiraz

Eram Garden in Shiraz

Eram Garden of Shiraz is known as a historical site that includes the historical building and the botanic garden. This garden is a one of Iranian garden.

Eram Garden was registered as a national site with the number 1013 on November 5, 1974 and was registered as a universal heritage with the number 1372 on June 27, 2011.

The mansion of Eram Garden

The main mansion of Eram Garden of Shiraz is an almost complete example of the buildings of Qajar Dynasty. The architecture of this mansion with its characteristics, like the other similar buildings of that time, follows the architecture method of Zandieh and Safavid dynasties. The building has three floors, a gable roof and a two-columned porch at the front with a flat roof.

Tile Work Above The Mansion Of Eram Garden
Tile work above the mansion of Eram Garden

During the reign of Naser al-Din Shah, under the command of Hasan-Ali Khan Haj Nasir ol-Molk-e Shiraz, the former mansion was torn down and the present mansion was built instead. The former mansion was built by Jani Khan and Muhammad Gholi Khan Ilkhani Ghashghai and the present glorious mansion by Muhammad Hasan Memar-e Shirazi.

There are eight rooms in the south of the northern side of the main mansion that are attached to it. In the past, these rooms were repaired and currently house the supervision and administration unit of the garden. By the eastern entrance door of the garden, there are also two rooms that are built to house the guards and caretakers.

In front of the porch of the main building, there are two tall, integrated pillars whose tops are carved professionally. The pictures carved on the pillar tops show men in Qajar clothes and plants and flowers which are symmetrically designed.

Picture Of A Man In Qajar Clothes Carved On The Pillar Tops
Picture of a man in Qajar clothes carved on the pillar tops

The main mansion of Eram garden of Shirazm, which is located in the western part of the garden, was built during the reign of Nasir ol-Molk. The mansion has three floors and in terms of architecture, stone carving, plasterwork, painting and tile work, is a masterpiece of the art of Qajar times.

The basement of the Eram Garden mansion

The lower floor which is at the same level as the ground, includes a main chamber called Howz-Khaneh (the Pond Room). On both sides of the Pond Room, there are two corridors and at the end of each corridor, there are stairs that lead to the higher floor. On both sides of each of the corridors, there are two great halls. Near the southern hall, there is a big kitchen.

The floor of the lowest level of the mansion is at ground level. The main hall located at this level, known as Howz-Khaneh (the Pond Room), is actually designed for relaxation on hot summer days. This hall includes a fountain and a stream that passes through it and then pours into a big pond at the front of the mansion. The ceiling of the Pond Room is covered with mosaic and rainbow tiles that include beautiful pictures of hunting preserves and nature, the story of Khosrow and Shirin and other pictures.

Tile Work On The Ceiling Of The Mansion Of Eram Garden
Tile work on the ceiling of the mansion of Eram Garden

On the lower floor of the mansion of Eram Garden, there are handmade crafts for sale. This is where you can buy excellent souvenirs.

Ornamental Stones In This Garden
Ornamental stones in this garden
Ornamental Stones In This Garden
Ornamental stones in this garden

The second floor of the Eram Garden mansion

On the second floor of the mansion, there is a great porch with two tall pillars. At the back of this porch, there is a big hall and on both sides of this hall there are two corridors with four domes on both sides of the corridors.

On both sides of the great porch, there are two small porches facing east. Each of these small porches has an integrated stone pillar. There are also two corridors at both northern and southern ends of the mansion.

The third floor of the Eram Garden mansion

In the middle of the third floor, there is a great hall like the one on the second floor whose windows open to the main porch and on both sides of it, there are two corridors. By the northern corridor of the mansion, there are two rooms and by the southern corridor, a room and a big hall. There are also two porches on both sides like those of the second floor that are located right above them.

The mansion also presents the art of painting. The ceilings of the two halls of the third floor that are covered with wooden boards have exotic and beautiful paintings. These paintings portray flowers and bushes and arabesque designs and numerous pictures of hunting preserves and visages of women. These paintings have a lot in common with the pictures on the ceiling of the porch and the rooms of the mansion of Naranjestan Qavam garden which were painted Lotfali Khan Suratgar.

The area of this garden

At the front of the main mansion of Eram Garden of Shiraz, there is a huge pool in which the reflection of the mansion can be seen. The pool is 335 square meters in area and is paved with 18 large and integrated pieces of stone. It was probably made at the time of Jani Khan Ilkhani. The clear, flowing water that comes from the main stream, after passing the pond of Howz-Khaneh (the Pond Room), enters the channels around the pool and then flows into the wide channel of the main path and other channels in the paths of Eram and around the gardens.

In the area of Eram Garden of Shiraz, there are cedar trees over 8 meters tall.

The Cedar Trees In Eram Garden
The cedar trees in Eram Garden

Eram Garden of Shiraz has numerous trees including pine trees.

The Pine Trees In Eram Garden
The pine trees in Eram Garden

Streams and channels pass through this Persian Garden around which there are many trees.

Streams And Channels Of Water In This Garden
Streams and channels of water in this garden

Eram Garden of Shiraz with a very vast area, green, flourishing trees, clear flowing water and a historical mansion makes your visit highly memorable.

Plants in this garden

Eram Garden is managed by the Faculty of Agriculture of Shiraz University. Perhaps the reason for entrusting its management to the Faculty of Agriculture is that there are different plant species in this garden and an attempt is made to propagate and cultivate them. Also, the maintenance of old trees in this garden requires special expertise and knowledge to prevent damage to them and ultimately increase the lifespan of plants and trees.

The plants in this garden are classified into 10 groups:

  • Ornamental shrubs (trees with special flowers)
  • Ornamental shrubs (trees with special leaves)
  • Cold-resistant flowers
  • Cold-sensitive flowers
  • Onion flowers
  • Small shrubs with perennial flowers
  • Cover and creeping plants
  • Annual creepers and cover plants
  • Greenhouse and apartment flowers
  • Fence flowers

Pictures of Eram Garden

What is the ticket price for Eram Garden?

The ticket price for tourists is 50,000 tomans, but this price may have changed.

Are there any hotels and restaurants near this garden?

Yes. There is a restaurant and hotel less than 15 minutes away.

What time is the Eram Garden open?

It is usually open from 8 am to 8 pm, but this time may change for various reasons.

Where is the address of Eram Garden in Shiraz?

This garden is located on Eram Boulevard.

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