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Pacho local game in Gilan

Local games of Gilan are rooted in its culture, customs and geographical conditions. In the meantime, geographical conditions and climate will play a very important role. In a way, the games of the people living in the mountains are different from the games of the people who lives in plains and the coast of Gilan province. One of these games is the Pacho local game.

Pacho Local Game In Gilan
Pacho local game in Gilan

Introducing the Pacho local game

Pacho local game in Gilan province is often common among the rural people around Sefidrood and people are still playing this game.

Pacho, was originally a means of crossing rivers, but later it found recreational uses as a means of entertaining people.
Pacho game is one of the traditional reconstructed games of Gilan. This game can be a replacement for lost games that are no longer played in Gilan and addressing these games does not fit into our current lives.

Pacho history

The history of the use of Pacho or chubpa has been such that in ancient times, that is, when the basic facilities in the center of Gilan province did not exist in other areas or were very few. People living in flooded areas were forced to use this device to cross a river over which no bridge had been built. But at that time, only a few people could make such a device without using other tools and with just a sickle.

They cut two pieces of wood with a branch together and shaped it with their sickle, which was used like today’s Pacho. They used this device not only to cross the river but also to cross dangerous swamps.

Cross The River With A Pacho
Cross the river with a pacho

Today, more beautiful and stronger Pachos are made than in the past, because in addition to wood, nails and hammers are also used to make the Pacho able to better bear the weight of people.

As mentioned before, Pacho is also used for entertainment. In the past, this entertainment was only limited to running competitions with Pacho, but today, this game has expanded to become a football game.

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