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Fandoqlu forest with Spa and Telecabin


One of the best and most beautiful scenic areas in Iran is Ardabil province because in addition to the good weather, there are views that are perhaps the most beautiful painting that you will see up close. Today, we are going to introduce one of the most famous forests in this province, namely the Fandoqlu Forest.

Animals In Fandoqlu
Animals in Fandoqlu

Fandoqlu Forest is a forest that in addition to beauty and greenery, is a place to visit chamomile flowers. Chamomile has healing properties and is usually used more in medical applications. In addition, you will see plains full of anemone flowers.

Anemone Plain In Fandoqlu Forest
anemone Plain in Fandoqlu forest

Chamomile flowers are white flowers that cover the entire plains like a winter snow and will be an incredibly beautiful place to capture a memorable image.

Fandoqlu Forest
Fandoqlu forest

The question may have arisen in your mind that this area is full of chamomile plains, so why is it named after the Fandoqlu Forest? The reason for this naming is dedicated to the season when the trees of this forest prepare themselves for fruiting. The fruit that these trees produce is hazelnuts.

Telecabin and ski slope

If you are tired of wandering in this forest, it is better to visit other recreational places in this beautiful area.

Telecabin In This Area
Telecabin in this area

One of the places is the Fandoqlu Telecabin, which can show you the beauty of this area in a short time and from another angle. In addition, there is a ski slope for skiing enthusiasts that you can use for fun.

Tele Cabin In Fandoqlu
Tele cabin in Fandoqlu

Fandoqlu Forest Road

The moment you might get excited is the moment you enter from a green two-way road to a road with a completely different view. On both sides of this road you will see whites that are actually chamomile flowers.

Road Of Fandoqlu
Road of fandoqlu

Meshe Souei Spa

The farther you go, you may experience some muscle soreness due to fatigue. One of the best places to get rid of travel fatigue is to go to a hot waterfall.

Meshe Souei Spa
Meshe Souei Spa

This relatively small waterfall is called Meshe Souei, if you ask any local people, they will guide you to this waterfall. Sometimes they use Meshe Souei for medical tourism.

Where is the address of Fandoqlu forest?

This area is 35 km away from Ardabil and is located in the rural city of Arpatapeh forest.

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