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Naz khatoon stew

Naz khatoon stew has a special taste and aroma. No special skills are required to prepare this food. You just need enough time to make this delicious stew.

Naz Khatoon Stew
Naz khatoon stew


Small eggplant one kilogram

Tenderloin meat 800 grams

A cup of verjuice

One medium onion

Half a kilogram of mint, parsley and spinach vegetables

Pepper, salt and oil as needed


Use the following recipe to cook Naz khatoon stew.

Prepare the meat

In the first step, you have to do the most important thing, which is to flavor and cook the meat. As you know, cooking meat takes a little time, so put the rush aside.

First, cut the Tenderloin meat into medium or small pieces.

Cooking meat

Then cut the onion into regular pieces and fry with oil and turmeric. Then add the meat. After changing the color of the meat, pour a few glasses of water on it and let it cook well.

Add vegetables

The fragrant vegetables that we need in Naz khatoon stew are vegetables such as mint, parsley and also spinach. Check the meat, if cooked now is the time to add these vegetables to the food.

Chop the vegetables into small pieces. After adding the vegetables, the stew does not taste sour so you should add a cup of verjuice to it.

This stew should be left on the gas flame for a while to taste well and eliminate excess water.

Cooking eggplant

In the last step, fry the eggplant in a grilled or ordinary way. Try to place the eggplant in small pieces on the stew to make your stew more beautiful.

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