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Eshkeneh is a food that is very easy to prepare because in the shortest possible time you can have delicious food without additives. This food is available in most cities of Iran such as Shiraz, Tehran, Isfahan, and Mashhad and so on however, the recipe for Eshkeneh is a little different in each city. Eshkeneh is mostly cooked on cold days.



First, you need to chop a large onion.

Prepare four tablespoons of flour and one tablespoon of turmeric.

You need dried fenugreek.

Three cups of water is enough to dilute it.

You need three medium potatoes and four eggs.

You need salt and pepper along with oil.


Use the following recipe to cook this food:

Frying onions

In the first step, you must allow the onion to turn golden in oil well and then add the fenugreek but fenugreek does not take much time to cook because it can burn.

Add flour

Then add a little water to the flour to dilute. This flour mixture should be in the pot. Now you can fill about three quarters of the pot with water to prevent this flour from burning then mix well until the flour is very thin.

Cook the potatoes

At this stage, it is the turn of the potatoes. These potatoes should be chopped in very little pieces.

Then add salt and pepper.

Then, to cook the potatoes well, you have to put the lid on the pot.

Add the eggs

In a separate bowl, break four eggs and stir. After merging, add them to the pot.


Now this mixture, i.e. onion, fenugreek, water, flour and eggs, along with salt and pepper must be well mixed to become one hand. Of course, take care of the potatoes so that they are well cooked.

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