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Pamador Stew

Pamador stew is a local name for tomato stew in northern Iran, especially in the province of Gilan, which is cooked with large, local and slightly sour tomatoes.

The main taste of this stew is sour taste, which in combination with eggs and other ingredients creates a good taste.

Pamador Stew
Pamador Stew

Ingredients for making Pamador stew

6 or 7 local tomatoes

Two local eggs

Fresh garlic 3 or 4 cloves

Salt, pepper and turmeric as needed

Pamador stew Recipe

Prepare tomatoes

First, thoroughly wash and peel the tomatoes. These tomatoes should be grated or mashed well. Crushed tomatoes should be cooked in a separate bowl with a little water.

Cook garlic

First, place the pan on a low flame, chop the garlic and fry in oil. When the garlic is golden, the frying process is over. Note that not all garlic should be fried. Some of them need to be raw in Pamador stew.

Add the eggs

Mix the eggs together and add to the garlic that is frying.

Put the raw garlic in the same pot as the tomatoes are cooking. Raw garlic will eventually dissolve and will not go under the teeth.

Add spices

Now is the time to add the spices to the tomatoes and garlic and mix well.

Cooking ingredients

Finally, add the contents of the pan, which includes garlic and eggs, to this pot and mix well.

Pamador northern stew can be served with rice or bread.

The presence of salted fish next to this food is one of the necessities on the table of Gilanis.

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