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Yatimcheh is a traditional food of Bushehr province, but it is also cooked in other provinces such as Fars (Shirazi Yatimak). In some cities, this food is called Yatimak.

Yatimcheh Or Yatimak
Yatimcheh or Yatimak

The protein of this food is completely natural and we does not use any meat in it. Yatimcheh is one of the healthiest foods you may not have tried before.


Four eggplants

One onion

About a cup of haricot bean

Half a glass of Indian stamp

About a glass of boiled water

Salt, pepper, turmeric, and a little oil


Use the following recipe to cook this food.

Prepare beans and onions

Soak the beans the night before and change the water twice when you are about to cook it. In the next step, it is time for onions.

In order to make the food taste more delicious, you need to slice the large onion and finally fry it.

Prepare the eggplant

Make some salt water. Now, after peeling these four eggplants put them in salted water to remove its bitterness and taste, and finally use less oil to fry it.

Chop the eggplants into small pieces. Then add to the fried onion.

Now add a glass of water to your mixture to make it softer from dry.

Add beans and Indian stamps

In the next step, add the haricot beans and finally the Indian stamp juice that you have already prepared to this mixture.

Add spices

Add spices including salt, pepper and turmeric to the food at this stage to mix well.

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