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Javaherdeh village in Ramsar


One of the beautiful scenic areas in Ramsar city is the village of Javaherdeh in Mazandaran province. At first, this village had another name and was known as Jardeh. Jardeh in the local language means high village and this high village is located in front of another village called Jirdeh, that is, the lower village.

Javaherdeh Village
Javaherdeh village

This region is one of the purest tourist areas in Mazandaran province, which has a pristine and untouched nature. The lush forests of this area are covered with snow for half of the year, so it is considered a cold village, but in summer it will be a very cool area with a pleasant climate.

Javaherdeh In Mazandaran Province
Javaher deh in Mazandaran Province

This area is a turquoise jewel in the Alborz Mountains that will attract the eyes of every viewer with its radiance. Although the distance of Javaherdeh village from the sea is very short, but it is located at a high altitude of about two thousand meters above sea level.

When is the best time to visit Javaherdeh village?

The best time to visit this village is summer, especially June, because it is a summer region and it has a cold climate in autumn and winter.

Where is the address of Javaherdeh village?

This village is located 30 km from Ramsar in Mazandaran province.

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