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Farakhin Lake in Iran

Farakhin Lake

Introduction Farakhin Lake is located in Nowshahr city in Mazandaran province, which few people can identify. When you are crossing Chalous Road, you can cross a path and go to…

Badab Soort in Mazandaran Province

Badab Soort with natural and colored stairs

Introduction Some landscapes have different conditions and you may not have seen them before. Badab Soort in Mazandaran province is an example of this. Badab Soort has stairs that are…

Si Sangan Forest Park in Mazandaran Province in Iran

Si Sangan Forest Park

Introduction Mazandaran province is a northern province of Iran that can provide you with a variety of beauty to see. Si Sangan Forest Park (or Jangal-e Sīsangān) is one of…

Valasht Lake in Iran

Valasht Lake in Mazandaran

Introduction One of our suggested places to go on a trip and also to go to a place that has a climate and spectacular views is Valasht Lake in Mazandaran…

Safarud Forest Park

Safarud Forest Park

To access Safarud Forest Park and enjoy its pleasant climate, you need to move from the beginning of Javaherdeh Road from the western square in Ramsar city and reach this…

Garasma Sar village in Iran

Garasma Sar Village

There is a very beautiful forest route called Garasma Sar, which is on the way from Ramsar to Katalom and is one of the summer areas. Beautiful green plains, high…

Ramsar Museum Palace

Ramsar Museum Palace

Introduction Ramsar museum palace is another sight and tourist attraction in the city of Ramsar, which is also known as the Marble Palace and the Tamashagah Museum. This museum has…

Markuh Castle in Ramsar

Markuh Castle in Ramsar

Introduction Markuh Castle is another scenic area in Ramsar. This fort is located three kilometers from the sea and 6 kilometers from the city of Ramsar on the way from…

Ramsar hot mineral water in Iran

Ramsar hot mineral water

Introduction Ramsar hot mineral water with its medicinal properties covers a large part of Ramsar city. These waters are famous and every year many tourists come to this area to…

Javaherdeh village in Ramsar

Javaherdeh village in Ramsar

Introduction One of the beautiful scenic areas in Ramsar city is the village of Javaherdeh in Mazandaran province. At first, this village had another name and was known as Jardeh….

Namakabrud Village in Iran

Namakabrud is one of the paradises of Iran

Introduction Namakabrud or Namak abrood is located in Mazandaran province and Chalous city. This region is the paradise of Iran because here the forest, the mountain, the plain and the…