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Garasma Sar Village

There is a very beautiful forest route called Garasma Sar, which is on the way from Ramsar to Katalom and is one of the summer areas.

Garasma Sar Village
Garasma Sar Village

Beautiful green plains, high mountains and cool springs are the difference between this summer and others.

Mountains And Cloud Forest
Mountains and Cloud forest

A mountain called Dezkol, which is located in this summer, is very high. This mountain is one of the other attractions of this unique place, from this mountain, you can see all parts of Ramsar and Tonekabon.

Garasma Sar

Other tourist places of this village include Rostam Sar, Tele Bin, Rah-e Kenar, Abji Mosque, Dezkol, Foolad Cheshmeh and others, each of which has its own beauty.

Among the beautiful and pleasant summers in Ramsar, we can also mention Javaherdeh.

Where is the address of Garasma Sar?

This place is located 40 km southwest of Ramsar on the Ramsar to Katalom road.

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