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mountains of iran

Migoreh Paveh or Meygoreh Paveh tourist area in Kermanshah

Migoreh Paveh tourist area in Kermanshah

Introduction In Kermanshah, like any other province, there are scenic and special areas, but only if you can identify these areas well, one of these areas is Migoreh or Meygoreh….

Kahman is a green area in Lorestan

Kahman is a green area in Lorestan

Introduction Kahman is a very beautiful and green area in Aleshtar city in the north of Lorestan province. This area is also known as the mirage of Kahman. Many phenomena…

Parian Valley in Isfahan

Parian Valley

Introduction Parian Valley is the name of a village in Isfahan province. This valley has a special climate as a habitat for some animals. To see this village, you have…

Sheytan Kuh in Gilan Province

Sheytan Kuh in Lahijan city

Introduction Sheytan Kuh is the name of a mountain in the highest point of Lahijan city in Gilan province, which has lush vegetation. Sheytan Kuh is a recreational place inside…

Hormuz Island is a rainbow island

Hormuz Island is a rainbow island

Introduction Hormuz Island in Hormozgan province is an island whose sand color is red and this special color has made it famous in the world and many tourists travel to…

Naharkhoran Park in Iran

Naharkhoran Park

Introduction Golestan province is one of the provinces that has many attractions such as Alangdareh Park. This time we are going to introduce another but bigger and busier forest park,…

Garasma Sar village in Iran

Garasma Sar Village

There is a very beautiful forest route called Garasma Sar, which is on the way from Ramsar to Katalom and is one of the summer areas. Beautiful green plains, high…

Gahvareh Did of Shiraz

Gahvareh Did of Shiraz

Introduction On the top of the mountain in the east of Qur’an Gate, right in front of the eastern stand, there is a Chahar Taq (Four-arched structure) which is 4…