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Hormuz Island is a rainbow island


Hormuz Island in Hormozgan province is an island whose sand color is red and this special color has made it famous in the world and many tourists travel to see it. The island is about 600 million years old.

Hormuz Island In Iran
Hormuz Island in Iran

For a nature lover, if he walks, he can go to the farthest point in one day and return home at night without needing a car. An island not so small that you cannot fit in it, and not so big that you get lost in it.

Camels In This Island
Camels in this Island

Hormuz Island can be suggested as a spectacular and beautiful place for cold winter days because in the cold of winter you experience a natural and temperate climate, but if you go to this area in the summer, you may not be able to survive the heat. Therefore, the best season to visit this scenic area is winter.

Beach Of This Island
Beach of this Island

The island has many attractions including the Valley of Silence and the Goddess of Salt, Meditation Cave, Colorful Cave, Ice Mountain, Carpet Beach, Red Beach, Environmental Beach, Mofanq Beach, Single Tree Beach, The Valley of the Statues, the Valley of the Rainbow, the Castle of the Portuguese, the Nadalian Museum, the footsteps of Hazrat Khezr, the remains of the Palace of the Bibi Flower and the Bibi Face, the Shooting Tower, the saffron market and house, the library and other historical monuments, Mangrove Forests and environmental paintings in the south of the island.

Hormuz Beach
Hormuz Beach

In order to be able to make a complete tour in the beautiful area of the island, you need to get help from the equipment available in that area. These include bicycles, tricycles and of course boats for diving that you must first be trained by an experienced team and then go diving.

There is no obstacle if you want to walk on the island, but you will probably need half an hour to walk this route. Therefore, it is better to use one of the most used ways, i.e. bicycle motors, which can accommodate a limited number of people and show you the attractions of this island more quickly.

Tricycles In Hormuz Island In Iran
tricycles in Hormuz Island in Iran

On this island, you will see people who are usually present in local clothes and masks on their faces, which are mostly women.

Womens In This Island
Womens in this Island

Ladies can apply henna on your hands, feet or face, which is one of the artistic beauties of the island.

 Henna On Hand
henna on hand

In addition, women make handicrafts, and it makes good sense to buy them.

Handicrafts Market On Hormuz Island
Handicrafts market on Hormuz Island

Hormuz Island soil

The soil of Hormuz Island is very beautiful. In some parts of the island, the soil is silver.

The silver sand of Hormuz Island is actually from the pulverization of igneous minerals and mica, due to the presence of silica or amino silicate, which is found in the form of equilibrium on the soil.

This powder of rocks or silver sand is the result of volcanic activity, so they are not rebuilt because there is no volcanic activity. They will be destroyed forever if harvested, so please do not remove them from the shore in any way.

In some other parts of the island, the soil is red.

Red Soil Of Hormuz
Red soil of Hormuz

Portuguese castle

The Portuguese fort on the island of Hormuz is one of the largest remnants of Portuguese colonial rule and the headquarters of the occupiers in southern Iran, which took about 30 years to build.

Church In Portuguese Castle
Church in Portuguese castle

There are several sections such as barracks, watchtower, church, cistern, prison and dungeon, pub and lecture hall in this castle. The diameter of its strong walls in some parts reaches 5.3 meters. The castle had several watchtowers about 12 meters high, the remains of which are left.

Portuguese Castle In This Island
Portuguese castle in this island

It may be interesting for you to know that the clock belonging to this Portuguese castle as well as the bell of its church has been installed in Naghsh Jahan Square in Isfahan.

The entrance to the Portuguese Castle is a bazaar selling Hormuz handicrafts, including beautiful needlework, women’s masks, and glass paintings by the island’s female artist with colored soils.

Dr. Nadalian Museum

Dr. Ahmad Nadalian Permanent Museum and Gallery on the island of Hormuz is the place where the works of this internationally known international artist are displayed. Dr. Nadalian’s works are scattered in more than fifty countries around the world. This place is located in the old neighborhood of Hormuz city.

Dr. Nadalian Museum In Hormuz Island
Dr. Nadalian Museum in Hormuz island

The works of Dr. Nadalian are on sale in the gallery section of this museum. In addition to his works, the joint works of this artist and the natives of the island, especially women, are also sold.

Dr. Nadalian Museum
Dr. Nadalian Museum

Proceeds from the sale of these works will cover the current expenses of the museum and the surplus will be spent on the education of women and children. Gifts are provided for talented children and given to them.

Rainbow Valley

Another spectacular sight on the island of Hormuz is a valley known as the Rainbow Valley. When you look at this valley from afar, you will see the mountains and hills in various colors, each of which gives a special effect to this area.

Rainbow Valley In Hormuz Island
Rainbow Valley in Hormuz island

These colored stones can only be seen in this area with this color, and if you separate them from this area, you will encounter an earthy color that is not at all similar to these beautiful colors, so try not to harm nature and just be an observer.

The Valley of Silence, the Crystal Cave and the Goddess of Salt

In the Valley of Silence, it brings you an unparalleled silence. The turquoise goddess is a salt dome polished with rainwater and raised beautifully.

The Goddess Of Salt
The Goddess of Salt

At the bottom of the valley, there is a seasonal salt river with golden and orange colors.

Crystal Cave
Crystal Cave

If you are not afraid of new experiences, be sure to try the Crystal Cave in the west of the island. Reaching the cave is relatively difficult. Parts of the route must be paved, and visiting requires additional clothing, lighting equipment, gloves, and helmets.

Valley On The Island Of Hormuz
Valley on the island of Hormuz

Large salt crystals and other salt caves can be seen in the southern part of the island.

Other entertainment on Hormuz Island

There are other attractions on the island, some of which we have introduced here.

Swimming and diving

You can swim on most of the island’s beaches, but the mahli trench pier and the Hashtad gazi beach are more suitable for swimming.

In addition, a diving school provides you with all the necessary equipment for diving and gives you the necessary training. There are also half-day diving tours from Hormuz Island to Lark.


On this island you can rent a bicycle and ride a bike all over the island. These bikes have support, so if your bike breaks down, contact support so they can help you.

Boat riding

You can pay locals to take you on a boat and show you the island.


There are plants and trees on the island. Some of them are called acacia, which are called Kurt in the local language. There is also a beautiful mangrove forest on the island.

Avicennia Marina In Hormuz Island In Iran
Avicennia marina in Hormuz island in Iran

Animals such as deer, eagles, fish-eating chickens, herons, cormorants, terns, eagle-nosed turtles and green sea turtles, crabs and some other animals also live on the island.

Foods and snacks

As with most seafood on the island, there is a variety of seafood on the island. Some of them are shrimp, fish, fish roe, oysters, crabs, hand bread, Balatabe bread and tomushi.

Tomushi Bread
Tomushi Bread

Tomushi bread is one of the most popular breads in Hormozgan province, which is very tasty and light and is usually used instead of meals, especially breakfast, because it is easy to bake and most locals cook it.

The bread is baked in such a way that when the pan is hot, they cover the surface of the pan with a thin layer of dough, and then pour eggs and cheese on it. When the dough is toasted, sprinkle some oil, Mahyaveh and Suragh on it.

Mahyaveh (Mahyabeh or Mahveh) and Suragh are two types of sauces that are made from a combination of dried and powdered sardines, orange peel, Hormuz red soil, water and spices.

Some parts of the island’s red soil are edible called glak.

Residence on Hormuz Island

To stay on the island, you can stay in the homes of local people and use local dishes such as fish roe, hand bread, Balatabe bread and tomushi.

Residence In This Island
Residence in this Island

One way is to go to the beach and stay in the cabins they have built for travelers at a low price.

Another way is for you to camp. If you camp near the sea, watch out for rising water. At night, the water rises due to the weather.


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Dolphins are one of the tourist attractions on the island of Hormuz. You can go near these dolphins by boat.

How to travel to Hormuz Island in Iran?

To go to this island, you must first go to Bandar Abbas, then go to Hormuz Island from the Haqqani Wharf in Bandar Abbas by dinghy or boat. It takes about 45 minutes to reach this island from Bandar Abbas. You can also go to Hormuz Island from Zakeri Wharf on Qeshm Island.

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