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Valasht Lake in Mazandaran


One of our suggested places to go on a trip and also to go to a place that has a climate and spectacular views is Valasht Lake in Mazandaran province.

Valasht Lake is a lake that preserves fresh water and this lake has a special beauty due to being trapped in the mountains. The blue color you see is usually green from a distance and blue at close range, which is a reflection of the green color around Valasht Lake, which is located on its clear water.

Valasht Lake In Iran
Valasht Lake in Iran

The route to this lake also has special attractions. At first you will pass a path with beautiful mountains, after that, you will reach a road that houses towering trees, and finally you will reach a dirt road that indicates your right path, which will be the same path as Valasht Lake.

A Distant View Of This Lake
A distant view of this lake

There is not much vegetation along the lake, which is located between Kelardasht and Marzanabad, for this reason, if you plan to spend a day by this lake, be sure to use items such as tents so as not to overheat due to the intense intensity of sunlight.

Pedal Boats On This Lake
Pedal boats on this lake

If you like to have fun on this day, bring a bicycle and fishing hook with you. Of course, for fun, you can use boats that are built for travelers and spin a wheel in Valasht Lake.


Some people like to spend a week on the lake and enjoy the weather and nature, but there are no accommodation facilities around the lake, because there is no space for it, so the closest place to take advantage of these facilities is to use the accommodation that was built in Kelardasht to spend a few days in this beautiful area.

Valash Lake In Mazandaran Province
Valash Lake in Mazandaran Province

In spring and summer, due to the touristy nature of this area, such places will be crowded, so before traveling, think about looking for a place to stay for the night so that you do not get confused when you reach your destination. Drive slowly to reach the lake because the path you enter is a road with dangerous turns.

What amenities are there in Valasht Lake?

Water sports, restaurant, cafe, accommodation suites, supermarket, bathroom, prayer hall.

When is the best time to go to this lake?

Spring and summer are the best times to travel.

Where is the address of Valasht Lake?

The lake is located 25 km from Chalous Road near the city of Marzanabad.

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