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Farakhin Lake


Farakhin Lake is located in Nowshahr city in Mazandaran province, which few people can identify. When you are crossing Chalous Road, you can cross a path and go to the desired location by side roads.

Farakhin Lake Dirt Road
Farakhin Lake dirt road

The lake is located among many trees. This lake seems like an artificial manufactured place, but it is not. It is a completely natural place without human intervention.

People who are not happy to be in noisy and busy places, even in places of interest, can enjoy Lake Farakhin because this place has not yet become a busy place.

The presence of clear water and greenery of trees in this water is a very spectacular sight. To see these sights, it is better to travel to this place in special seasons such as May to September.

Farakhin Lake
Farakhin Lake

To go to Farakhin Lake, it is essential to have everything you need for a trip in your car. Climate change is most important of all. So try to have enough food, blankets, tents and clothes with you because it is possible to cool down at any time.

Where is the address of Farakhin Lake?

It is a pristine place with difficult access, so to reach Farakhin Lake, you have to cross dirt roads to reach the village of Weiser, and after passing this village, you will reach the lake. You have a hard time finding the location of this lake because you will see many crossroads on your way that going to the wrong path can be a waste of your time. Therefore, to see this scene you need to do this: first, you have to go to the right in the first two cases, then to the left, in the next two ways to the right and then in the next left.

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