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Markuh Castle in Ramsar


Markuh Castle is another scenic area in Ramsar. This fort is located three kilometers from the sea and 6 kilometers from the city of Ramsar on the way from Tonekabon to Ramsar.

Markuh Castle In Ramsar
Markuh Castle in Ramsar

The area of this castle is 600,000 square meters and it belongs to the Alborz Mountains.

Stairs To Reach The Castle
Stairs to reach the castle

The whole of Markuh Castle is covered with fig, oak, boxwood and azalea trees.

How to get to Markuh Castle?

There are three ways to reach this castle. The first way: after Tonekabon, go 15 km in Ramsar route. Enter Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali Road to see Markuh sign. Then turn left and enter Telar Road. Then you will see the Markouh route.
Second way: After the village of Niasteh, you will reach two ways, where you will see Markouh’s sign.
Third way: Go to Harris village on Jennat Rudbar road. Then turn right (Kord Mahalleh). After the intersection, you will see Markouh’s sign at a crossroads.

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