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Mazandaran sumac stew

Mazandaran sumac stew is one of the most delicious northern Iranian dishes. In the local language of Mazandaran province, it is called Torsheh Sumac.

Mazandaran Sumac Stew Or Torsheh Sumac
Mazandaran sumac stew Or Torsheh Sumac


First, you need to divide the chicken breast into three equal parts.

Stewed vegetables including leeks, parsley, coriander, spinach and fenugreek about half a kilogram is enough.

Chop two large onions.

Soak a cup of red beans in water for a while.

A cup of verjuice is needed to flavor the stew.

Five tablespoons of sumac are needed.

Five cloves of fresh and raw garlic are needed.

We need a little salt and pepper.

Recipe of sumac stew

Use the following recipe to cook this stew:

Chop onion and garlic

First, you need to chop all the onions and garlic. Then put them on the heat to fry well.

Add chicken and sumac

Next, add the chicken. Then add about three tablespoons of sumac. Sumac changes the taste and color of stew.

Avoid adding more than this amount of sumac as it can give an inappropriate taste to your sumac stew.

Now you have to put the prepared ingredients on a low flame for about 15 minutes to cook.

Add beans

Next, soak the pre-soaked beans in water. About four glasses of water is enough to cook beans. Of course, at the same time, put the previous mixture that you have prepared to change the taste of your sumac stew.

Cooking vegetables

In the next step, it is the turn of vegetables. Put the vegetables in water to cook well. To add the vegetables, allow the beans to cook well and finally add the vegetables. Then you can add two tablespoons of sumac along with salt, pepper and verjuice.

Now you have to lower the flame so that the stew loses its excess water and becomes thicker.

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