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Apple rice

Apple rice or potato rice is one of the delicious foods of Kermanshah province. In this article, we want to acquaint you with how to prepare this food.

Apple Rice
Apple rice


Rice about three measures

Dill 2 or three tablespoons

One large onion

One large potato

Prepare the chicken in the form of fillets and cut it into four equal parts in large dimensions. To cook the chicken and get the smell of it, it is better to put an onion in its water.

A tablespoon of tomato paste with salt, pepper and turmeric


Use the following recipe to cook this food:

Prepare chicken fillets

First, you need to put the chicken fillets on the gas at the same time with a glass of water over a low flame so that they start to cook slowly. It is also necessary to add an onion, as well as pour paste, pepper and turmeric to color and flavor the chicken.

Cooking rice

The next step is to prepare yourself for cooking rice.

When the rice is to be loaded with water, cut the potatoes into small pieces. Place these pieces raw in the rice to cook well. Pour a little oil in the rice. You can also pour dill into the rice and let it change the shape and taste of the rice.

When the water inside the rice starts to boil, because the rice has to be cooked like Kateh, you need to lower the flame at the same time and cook it like Dampokht. Gradually you will notice the rice cooking.

Make Tahdig

To make Kermanshahi apple rice taste good, you can put potatoes under the rice to create a delicious Tahdig.

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