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Help for buy Nature firefighting equipment

Tour In Persia, in line with its social responsibilities, has supported the project “Nature firefighting equipment” by Nazar-e-Tabiat Association.

Help For Buy Nature Firefighting Equipment
Help for buy Nature firefighting equipment

With the beginning of the hot season, every year we see fires in nature, most of them occur due to intentional or accidental human reasons. Humans cause 95% of fires.

This year (the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019) with good rains and growth of plants in the forests and pastures, the intensity of the fire has increased, so it is necessary for the natural resources and environment officials to extinguish the fire with the help of local people and nature lovers.

Firefighting facilities in nature include fire extinguishers, blowers, shovels, sprinkler backpacks (Flexiback), firefighting vehicles (Rotfire), firefighting helicopters, etc. Fortunately, during the last few years, the organizations of forests and pastures and environment have purchased them, but due to the size of the country’s forests and pastures, the need for more and up-to-date facilities is felt more than ever.

In nature fire, the most important measure is to prevent its spread, which requires high work force along with facilities including blowers and fire extinguishers, and secondly, firefighting helicopters are the most effective in extinguishing fires.

In the recent fire in Khaiez conservation area, people’s forces rushed to help the officers with limited resources, and unfortunately, the firefighting helicopter came to their aid on the third day and a large amount of the forest was burnt.

According to the available information, two organizations of forests, pastures and environment do not have helicopters and they have to rent from the armed forces and according to the officials, no budget has been allocated for this. However, due to the public sensitivity caused by the Khaiez fire, the government approved 15 billion tomans to rent this equipment to the Forestry and Pasture Organization of the country, which is expected to be used in future fires with proper planning.

Khaiez Forest Fire
Khaiez forest fire

In Nazar-e-Tabiet Group, we are considering to procure a number of blowers in order to use them in firefighting in different areas. In this way, we will send them to Khaiez region first, and after the work is finished, in case of a similar incident in other provinces, they will be sent to that region and will be used in rotation in all fires by people’s groups.

According to the investigations, there are several models of blowers available in the market, the prices of which range from 2 million tomans to 20 million tomans, and according to the donations received, we will purchase one or more devices.

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