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Golsar Hospital in Rasht city


Golsar Hospital in Rasht city is one of the private hospitals, but it is not very big, which is not as large as the family hospital, but it has a large number of patients. The Golsar Specialty and Super Specialty hospital.

Golsar Hospital In Rasht City
Golsar Hospital

The hospital has 1 to 3 surgical sections, gynecological surgery, cardiology, internal medicine, chemotherapy, pediatrics, neonates, dialysis, parturition, operating room, emergency room and…

Ccu Department
CCU Department

Paraclinical department

Paraclinical Department Of This Hospital
Paraclinical department of this hospital

The paraclinic department of this hospital offers services such as stone crusher, endoscopy, physiotherapy, pharmacy, cardiac rehabilitation, radiology, echo, Holter and exercise testing, CT scan and so on.

Room Of Golsar Hospital In Rasht City
Room of Golsar Hospital in Rasht city

What is the telephone number of this hospital?


Where is the address of Golsar Hospital?

Somayeh Blvd, Rasht city, Gilan province.

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