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Koohpaye Park of Shiraz


In the proximity of Quran Gate, there is a park called Koohpaye Park of Shiraz. The reason why the park is called Koohpaye (the foot of the mountain) is that it’s built at the foot of a mountain.

The area of the park is about 18737 square meters.

Koohpaye Park Of Shiraz
Koohpaye Park of Shiraz

In Koohpaye Park of Shiraz there is lawn where you can picnic. Also, most of the time, in the morning there’s group workout sessions there.

Koohpaye Park
Koohpaye Park

Play equipment

At the entrance of Koohpaye Park, there are stores for selling groceries. On the other side of the park, there are amusement rides like Ferris wheel, bumper cars, space ship, backyard railroad, flying saucer, ball pit, 3D cinema, etc.

On the other side of the park, there is a mountain. Using the stairs that exist there, you can get to the mountain top and reach Gahvareh Did.


Three hundred meters below the Quran Gate.

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