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Supported the project we are together granting

Tour of Persia, in line with its social responsibilities, has supported the project “we are together- Granting a necessary loan on the night of Eyd” by a Mehrabanah charity.

Supported The Project We Are Together Granting
Supported the project we are together granting

We are together project is defined as the purpose of providing essential loans on the eve of Eyd to daily wageworkers whose income has decreased drastically on the eve of Nowruz and they are in urgent financial need and the donated amounts will be returned to the benefactors’ account after the loans are repaid.

Target society

People who do not receive a fixed salary and due to the spread of the corona virus, their incomes have decreased significantly in March; such as cleaning and construction workers, internet taxi drivers, etc.

Term and loan amount

The amount of the loan is two million Tomans per person with repayment in six months. The loan payment time is until the end of April 2019, and as a result, the repayment time will be until the end of October 2019.

How to identify

In the first step, people’s identification services are provided through online platforms, and if there are enough resources, it will be awarded to other groups as well.

How to finance

Creating a crowdfunding campaign to collect public donations.

Campaign financing by platforms from their own resources or loans received for this purpose.

Inviting banks and owners of financial resources to grant short-term low-interest loans to platforms, to spend in this campaign.

Guarantee and payment method

Identification of the prioritized list of service providers who have suffered the greatest loss of income due to the recent crisis, by platforms.

Payment of loan by Mehrabanah, up to the amount of resources attracted (the funds paid and loans received from the platform are used to pay loans to the service providers of the same platform, and public resources are allocated according to the priority of diagnosis by the project board of trustees).

Amortization of the loan amount from the income of the service providers by the platforms and repayment of the loan amounts by them after a period of 6 months (the platforms are responsible for repaying the loans and not losing the principal of the support).

Project Board of Trustees

The board of trustees of the project, as trustworthy and acceptable people, supervises the way the project is implemented, its correct allocation to the needy people and the return of the funds to the benefactors. The members of the board of trustees are:

  • Engineer Mohammad Bagher Asna Ashari, head of the country’s trade union organization.
  • Dr. Amir Nazemi, Deputy Minister of Communications and Head of Information Technology Organization.
  • Dr. Jafar Mohammadi on behalf of the Board of Directors of Merhabaneh Charity.
  • The representative of supporters with donations of more than 300 million tomans, as well as academic staff members of universities, artists and social activists at the suggestion of two people and the approval of other members of the board of trustees.
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