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Hazaveh village

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Hazaveh village is a beautiful and historical village near Arak. The distance from this village to Arak is about 25 km. Hazaveh village is a hill village and the houses in this village are built in steps.

Hazaveh Village
Hazaveh village

The name of the hill on which this village is located is the historical hill of Hazesh.

In terms of climate, this village is cold and cool. You can also see grapes garden in this village.

Grapes Garden
grapes garden

In Hazaveh village, in addition to grapes, there are other natural foods. For example, we can mention the juice made from grapes. In addition, another food of this village is Basluq.

Aside from Hazaveh food, we will focus on natural attractions. Another natural resource in this village is the existence of an old cypress, which is a tourist destination for villagers and other tourists. Other beauties include the old bath.

In Hazaveh village because of the cold weather, the houses were built in such a way that they could get rid of the cold of winter. That is why the windows of the houses and its direction were built to the south. In this case, even in the summer cold, warm air shines through the sunlight into the houses. In addition, cold-resistant materials have been used to prevent cold from entering the houses.

A similar example with the architecture of this village can be seen in Masouleh, Gilan, because the existing houses are located in steps.


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