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Eil Goli or Shah Goli

Excursion in Tabriz can become one of your most fascinating and memorable trips. One of the important destinations for any tourist in Tabriz is Eil Goli or Shahgoli pool.

Eil Goli in Turkish means Shah Goli that is also considered as one of the most beautiful and pleasant places in Tabriz.

Eil Goli Pool

There is a swimming pool in this place, which is surrounded by a garden full of big trees, and there is a building inside it.

Boat Riding In Eil Goli Pool
Boat riding in Eil Goli Pool

This pool has an area of five hectares. There are fountains inside the pool that bring a special view and coolness when active. In addition, artificial waterfalls have been built to make this place more special, which are covered by different trees. There are also pedal boats in the water where you can see all the sights of this place in a complete circle.


Eil Goli Or Shah Goli

The mansion in the middle of the pool is called the Kolah Farangi Mansion. One of the features of this mansion is that this mansion and this pool are located on the ground. Perhaps if there were such conditions for another building, the building as well as the pool would be destroyed after a while.


Eil Goli has a relaxing atmosphere not only during the day but also at night. For this reason, this park becomes one of the busiest parks in Tabriz, especially in summer.

One of the attractions inside this park is the presence of a sundial, which works based on sunlight.

One of our recommendations is to stay in the park until sunset because the reflection of sunlight at sunset and its display on the surface of the pool water is the best scene to capture a memorable image.

Eil Goli area

In addition to walking in the five-hectare area of this park, you can also relax on the lawn in some places or go to a coffee shop or nearby restaurants.

How to go to Eil Goli or Shah Goli?

There is a metro station in the southern part of this place. To get to this place, take bus 101. Also, use a private car to go to Bakri Highway, then Golestan Street and finally to Ferdowsi Square.

Where is Eil Goli’s address?

This place is located in the city of Tabriz, the southern bypass freeway of Tabriz. Shah Goli is located 7 km from the city center.

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