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Purchase of a water reservoir for the villages hosting Gando

In line with its social responsibilities, Tour In Persia has supported the project “Purchase of a water reservoir for the villages hosting Gando” by the NazreTabit Association.

Help For Purchase Of A Water Reservoir For The Villages Hosting Gando
Help for purchase of a water reservoir for the villages hosting Gando

Dehydration is a big problem in different parts of Sistan and Baluchestan, especially in the southern and coastal cities and the villages within the Gando (Crocodylus palustris) Protected Area in Chabahar and Sarbaz counties are no exception to this rule.

According to the officials, all the villages of the city are equipped with about 50 mobile water supply tankers, and it is necessary to solve some of the water shortage problems in the region by increasing the number of tankers and paying the arrears of the Rural Water and Sewerage Company.

Water Reservoir For The Villages Hosting Gando
Water reservoir for the villages hosting Gando

Due to the hot season and water shortage in rural areas, villagers get their water from Hotag (pit dug to store rainwater and shared use of humans and animals), ponds, rivers and pits and this has caused conflicts between crocodiles and humans, because crocodiles are invasive in this season and defend their territory and nests in which they have laid eggs, they also consider the approach of any creature, including humans, as a threat to the babies before they are born.

In an incident that took place in the last days of July 2009 in the village of Molaabad, A short-nosed crocodile (Gando) attacked a ten-year-old girl in the Keshari area of Sarbaz County, who was approaching a crocodile pond for water, and injured her right hand and despite the doctors’ efforts to keep the amputated tissue, the transplant was ineffective and the child’s hand was amputated.

Children Affected By Crocodile Attack
Children affected by crocodile attack

In another incident, a boy named Zakaria Charkh was injured in the leg by a crocodile while approaching a pond in the Sarbaz River, and fortunately the severity of his injuries was low.

In recent years, several children have lost their lives or been injured by crocodile attacks and all because they have approached natural crocodile ponds for water, and a solution must be found to solve this problem.

In line with its goals of protecting wildlife, the NazreTabiat Association, a non-governmental organization, intends to reduce the conflict between humans and endangered crocodiles Gando by donating several water storages tanks to a number of villages in which the most accidents have occurred.

These tanks are handed over to Dehyari and the village council and after being installed inside the village, they will be watered by water tankers and the villagers will use them to meet their needs and will be less close to the crocodiles’ habitat.

These tanks should be surrounded by cement blocks to be protected from sunlight and etc.

The cost of fencing and water intake of these reservoirs must also be provided by the relevant authorities or donors and we first plan to prepare the reservoirs as soon as possible and send them to the villages, and in the next phase, if the nature conservationists were ready, we would also collect the extra costs (fencing and water intake).

4 ten-thousand-liter plastic water tanks with three layers for the four villages of Molaabad 1 and 2, Azati Olya and Azati Sofla have been considered, which will be about 30 million Tomans considering the transportation cost, but with the participation of Tabarestan Plastic Complex Company, 18 million Tomans are required for this project.

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