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Abbasabad Tourist Complex Resort


Abbasabad Tappeh or Abbasabad Tourist Complex Resort is one of the recreational and tourist areas in Hamedan province. This hill is close to one of the main squares of the city called Ghaem Square.

One of the features of this hill is that when you go there, you can see a complete view of the city of Hamedan.

Amusement park is one of the other places that you can visit on this hill.

There is a paintball field on this hill.

There is an artificial lake on this hill which is very attractive. This lake can be one of the best places for recreation in summer and hot weather. There is a restaurant in this pool.

Lake In Abbasabad Tourist Complex Resort
Lake in Abbasabad Tourist Complex Resort

In this recreational area, a completely artificial waterfall has been set up to create air conditioning In order to create a change in the region in terms of appearance.

There is a set of residential villas on this hill where you can stay.

Set Of Residential Villas In Abbasabad Tappeh
Set of residential villas in Abbasabad Tappeh

Maybe if you tell one of the old people in this area the name of Abbasabad Tappeh, he will give you the address of Naghareh Khaneh Tappeh. In the past, this hill was known as Naghareh Khaneh Tappeh. Naghare Khaneh Tappeh is also famous for holding old festivals on top of this hill.

Is this place suitable for the elderly?

Yes. This place is suitable for the elderly.

Is it possible to stay on this hill?

Yes. There are pavilions and suites for accommodation. It is also possible to set up a tent near Babataher Square.

What time is this place open?

It is usually open 24 hours a day.

What is the address of Abbasabad Tappeh?

To be able to reach this hill in a short time, you can enter from two routes. One of the routes is to the beginning of Eram Chahar Bagh and the other is Ganjnameh Road, which will eventually reach this hill.

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