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Ali Sadr Cave is the largest water cave in the world


Ali Sadr Cave is one of the busiest caves in Iran. This cave will create happy moments for you due to its natural attraction that you may not have seen them anywhere in Iran.

Ali Sadr Cave is 2100 meters above sea level. The cave area has several winding corridors and several vestibules. The length of this cave is 11 km, of which only 3 km has been discovered due to the impassability of the cave. The water level in Ali Sadr Cave reaches 14 meters at the deepest point.

Geologists date the cave’s rocks to the Jurassic period from the second geological period (136 to 190 million years ago).

What distinguishes Ali Sadr Cave from other water caves in the world is the easy use of water canals inside the cave, which due to its size, you can easily cross them and pass through them by ordinary boats. In this cave, you can rent a boat and explore inside the cave.

Boating In Ali Sadr Cave
Boating in Ali Sadr Cave

The lighting in Ali Sadr Cave is very interesting that can catch the eye of any viewer.

Ali Sadr Cave Lighting
Ali Sadr Cave Lighting

You may encounter natural wonders when you enter the village of Ali Sadr, but these wonders will be a small part of what you will see. You will realize the main surprise and beauty when you are in the cave space. The water flowing under your boat can show a picture of the cave roof. The roof of the cave consists of large and small chandeliers. This cave is built in such a way that you can walk inside it. Of course, this walk will be at a short distance.

This cave is so beautiful that it can be compared with large and historical caves in other countries of the world. This space is very clean and has a pleasant climate due to the absence of any microbial agents.

The closed environment of the cave may not be tolerable for some people, especially those who have difficulty breathing, but still do not miss a visit.

Each part of the cave is seen in a special way, which is actually known as the natural and internal sculptures of the cave. Sculptures, some of which look like animals. Beautiful stone and limestone sculptures that look exactly like an object include a dragon claw, a stone waterfall, an eagle claw, and more.

Ali Sadr Cave In Hamedan
Ali Sadr Cave in Hamedan

Around this cave, for the well-being of people who have recently traveled to this place, there are complexes where they can relax. From having, a place for children to play to a variety of guesthouses can be considered examples of them.

You must buy a ticket before entering the cave.

The best season to see this cave is spring and summer.

Ali Sadr Cave is the largest water cave in the world.

What time is Ali Sadr Cave open?

Ali Sadr Cave is open from 8 am to 5 pm in the first six months of the year and from 8 am to 3 pm in the second half of the year.

Where is the address of Ali Sadr Cave?

Ali Sadr Cave is located 75 km northwest of Hamedan, Kaboudar Ahang city in Ali Sadr village.

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