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Mani rice

Mani rice is one of the colorful foods of Damghan city that is mostly prepared on Nowruz and of course in many other cities and districts of Semnan province.

Mani Rice
Mani rice


Three cups of rice

One measure of cotyledons

About 100 grams of barberry

Two hundred grams of raisins

Two hundred grams of noodles

Three hundred grams of minced meat appropriate for the stew

One chopped onion

Saffron with a little yogurt

Butter, salt, pepper and oil as needed


Use the following recipe to cook this food:

Prepare the meat

In the first step to cook Mani rice, you have to start with the meat. First, to eliminate the bad smell of meat, you need to chop a large onion and add pieces of meat to it. These pieces are roasted until they get a dark color. It is better to add salt along with pepper and turmeric to this mixture at the end. After changing the color of the meat, pour in one to two glasses of water and allow the meat to cook well in this water.

Prepare the cotyledons

Rinse the cotyledons several times and drain the water. Then add two cups of water to the cotyledons.

Cooking rice

In the next step, we should prepare the rice. First, you need to boil the water and then put the rice in it. Now four minutes is enough to half-cook the rice but before cooking and rinsing, you have to put the cooked noodles and cobs in it to cook well and then drain.

Make Tahdig

The important part in preparing Mani rice is related to the Tahdig, which you should prepare it like Tahchin. First, mix a little oil, then a little rice with a spoon full of yogurt and saffron, and finally spread it on the bottom of the pot. Then mix raisins with barberry and fried onions.

Finally, put them next to the rice.

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