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Help for Lipar Village Solar Energy

In line with its social responsibilities, Tour In Persia has supported the “Lipar Village Solar Energy” project by the NazreTabit Association.

Help For Lipar Village Solar Energy
Help for Lipar Village Solar Energy

Lipar is a village in Chabahar city in Sistan and Baluchestan province of Iran, which according to the 2006 census of the Statistics Center of Iran, has a population of less than three households and has 22 inhabitants, large and small.

During a trip made by the NazreTabiat group in mid-October 1998 to implement the Mehr project with Gando and to distribute writing software packages to students in villages living in the Gando Protected Area, during a visit to Lipar, they were acquainted with this village and its inhabitants.

What made this association take a step for this village of two families is the effort of the residents, especially the great person of the village called Dadshapour.

Dadshapour has been working for many years to protect the green sea turtles that come to the shore of this village to lay eggs and has good cooperation with the environmentalists of Chabahar city.

Dadshapour, despite the migration of all the inhabitants of this coastal village, refused to leave his hometown and lives in the most difficult conditions without water, electricity and sanitation facilities in Lipar, and due to the low population of Lipar, the basic facilities have not reached there.

One of his children, who is now over forty years old, is suffering from psychological injuries as a child and has not yet recovered and NazreTabiat group is also helping to send this person to Tehran for examination and treatment by psychiatric specialists.

Dadshapour Family
Dadshapour Family

The green sea turtle is an endangered species and is one of eight species of sea turtles that live in the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea.

The shore of Lipar village is one of the important spawning grounds for this species of turtle.

During the inspections, we decided to equip the five sheds in the village with solar electricity and provide a system for at least one refrigerator and fan.

The initial estimate of NazreTabit for this complex is about 30 million Tomans and they are consulting with several companies producing and importing solar energy equipment so that they can receive the highest quality and the best price.

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