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Help to Wildlife trapped in the snow of Gilan

In line with its social responsibilities, Tour In Persia has supported the project “Wildlife trapped in the snow of Gilan” by the NazreTabiat Association.

Help To Wildlife Trapped In The Snow Of Gilan
Help to Wildlife trapped in the snow of Gilan

More than 1.5 meters of snow in the heights of Gilan province in February 2009 has closed transportation routes, prevented environmentalists from accessing protected areas, and there have been challenges to feeding wildlife.

Hence, some species of animals seek food by approaching residential areas, we are afraid that these animals will be hunted or that they will perish from the cold and malnutrition.

An example of this is a female Roe deer (Shoga, the smallest deer in Iran), which is also a rare species in Gilan province, on the Siahkal-Deylaman road, she was rescued by road workers during snow removal and was released into her habitat after being handed over to the Environment Department.

Shoga Rescue By Siahkal-Deylaman Road Workers
Shoga rescue by Siahkal-Deylaman road workers

Heavy snowfall in the heights of Gilan during 48 hours, which has been unprecedented in recent years, endangers the lives of living beings, which prompted us in NazreTabiat Association to try to shed fodder in the heights.

The forage project will be carried out with the help of a helicopter after coordination with the General Department of Environmental Protection of Gilan Province and the approval of the NazreTabiat science committee in the mountainous areas of the province in the cities of Siahkal, Talesh, Rudsar and other provinces.

The helicopter has been coordinated with the follow-up of the Environment Department, and after sending about seven tons of fodder and unloading in Siahkal, they will be unloaded in several flights by helicopter at high altitudes.

If in any case, such as unfavorable weather conditions, the use of helicopters is not possible, with the help of vehicles, the rangers will be distributed in nature in the areas where the roads have been reopened.

A person on behalf of the NazreTabiat Association will also oversee the work process on site.

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